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First tooth! January 6, 2011

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Layla got her first tooth on Monday, Jan 3!  It was her lower, middle left.  She’d been a little drooly but not too bad or overly fussy so I was surprised to see it was already breaking through (well, I should say I was surprised to feel,  as I could feel it a couple of days before I could lay eyes on it).  Although, the afternoon/evening before she and Hayden had been at Grandpaman’s and Grandma G’s while we were at the Colts’ game, and when we picked them up she was crying and had been for about an hour. 😦  But she hadn’t seemed to be suffering up until then.

So it’s been three days since the first one came through, but I don’t feel the other one yet.  I remember with Hayden they seem to appear in pairs.  She has been really drooly this week and gets pretty fussy when the pain reliever wears off. Hayden teethed quite early at 5 months, which was good because he had all his teeth including 2 yr molars by about 18 mos.  So he was constantly drooling and wearing bibs for the first year and a half of his life, but then he was all done early.  The good thing with her starting later though is that I can give her Motrin since she’s over 6 months, which lasts longer and thus she can sleep longer before the pain wakes her up and it’s time for another dose.  It’s very plain to see when she’s hurting because she is typically such a happy girl, but when the relief has worn off she changes into a little fuss butt! 🙂


What We Gonna Do When Layla Talks?

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Hayden likes to phrase his questions as “What we gonna do when….”

What we gonna do when it’s not a Daddy work day?

What we gonna do when Grandma’s here?

What we gonna do when it’s time for preschool?

Sometimes it’s hard to understand what he is actually trying to ask.  One thing he is asking frequently right now is, “What we gonna do when Layla talks?”  He seems to be interested in the idea of her talking.  She’s 7 1/2 months now, so her first word should be just around the corner.  She seems to be understanding lots of words.  She has been responding to her own name for a while.  I can ask her what different things are – like dog, cat, ball – and she will look at them.  But vocally she hasn’t worked out how to say anything yet.  She does like to jabber, though, and I have been hearing an evolution in those sounds.


Goldielocks January 3, 2011

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Hayden seems to have a way with the ladies, or at least the girls!  Typically he hasn’t been the best at interacting and playing with other kids of his own age.   It would rather play with toys or hang out with me or Kara.  The few he does it seems to be girls.  Lexi is a girl at daycare that is always talking about him and wants him to come around to her house to play , and he is always talking about Molly also from daycare, although he says with a passionate dislike how she “like to play with barbies”.

Well we went to a small party just before Christmas at our friend Tom and Tracy’s and there was this little blond girl a little bit older than him with gorgeous big blond locks.  Before she’d got there he’d just been playing in the basement with his cars.  Once he saw her he spent the next hour or so chasing her around the couches, rolling on the couches, sharing toys and just having a great time.   It was fun to watch him having such a great time.

It was funny, her dad was giving some very funny looks over towards what they were up to, and I sensed she got told to calm down a couple of times!  I was just thinking “go on boy!” 🙂 A little sweet hug at the end of the night, and that was that – Hayden will probably never set eyes on her again so on to the next one…


The Magic Sponge January 2, 2011

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For those of you from England you will understand the Magic Sponge.  It used to be used in footy when players got injured.  Apply the magic sponge and everything would be better (of course it was just warm or cold water).

Hayden has something similar – “kiss it”.  He’ll bang himself, or bump himself and he’ll run up to us all pityfull and ask us to kiss it.  As soon as we kiss the affected area everything is fine again.  To be honest this is a lot better than dramatic crocodile tears that so many other kids do as long as the bump isn’t on his bum!!!

To be fair to Hayden he also gives out kisses.  I stubbed my toe the other day and was gently cursing, and he game running up and kissed my foot!!


Layla’s First Christmas

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Layla’s first Christmas went by very well.  She was a little superstar for the whole time. (she is of course a superstar all the time!).  She was a little more interested in opening the presents than I thought she would be (saying that she didn’t have to do much, Hayden took care of the majority of the opening), but predictably liked eating the paper more than the presents.  She also seems really interested in Hayden’s presents.  She was discarding her presents and wiggling around to get her hands on some of his toy cars or anything else she can.

Layla of course got some very cool presents of her own too.  She got some beautiful clothes (being the first Grand daughter I think everyone loves buying her clothes as there are so many pretty little girl outfits.), lots of rattle and chew toys (sounds like what Lucy and Mimi got too!) and this very cool dragon ball pit toy.   It is a dragon that is filled up with with little balls you find in those big toy pits.  She loves hanging out in there!

She got a little tired a couple of times during the two Christmas days we had but all it ever required was a change of scenery and everything was instantly better!  She continues to be a fantastic little baby! (and the prettiest Christmas baby ever – of course :D)