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Layla’s First Christmas January 2, 2011

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Layla’s first Christmas went by very well.  She was a little superstar for the whole time. (she is of course a superstar all the time!).  She was a little more interested in opening the presents than I thought she would be (saying that she didn’t have to do much, Hayden took care of the majority of the opening), but predictably liked eating the paper more than the presents.  She also seems really interested in Hayden’s presents.  She was discarding her presents and wiggling around to get her hands on some of his toy cars or anything else she can.

Layla of course got some very cool presents of her own too.  She got some beautiful clothes (being the first Grand daughter I think everyone loves buying her clothes as there are so many pretty little girl outfits.), lots of rattle and chew toys (sounds like what Lucy and Mimi got too!) and this very cool dragon ball pit toy.   It is a dragon that is filled up with with little balls you find in those big toy pits.  She loves hanging out in there!

She got a little tired a couple of times during the two Christmas days we had but all it ever required was a change of scenery and everything was instantly better!  She continues to be a fantastic little baby! (and the prettiest Christmas baby ever – of course :D)


2 Responses to “Layla’s First Christmas”

  1. Faith Says:

    Awww, she is so cute and I love her little outfit! That ball pit is pretty hilarious. I’m glad she had a great first Christmas!

  2. Nanny Mad Says:

    Layla is so lovely I think she is my little princess as well and Hayden is my little prince xx

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