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Goldielocks January 3, 2011

Filed under: Dad Blogs on Hayden — JDG @ 2:23 am

Hayden seems to have a way with the ladies, or at least the girls!  Typically he hasn’t been the best at interacting and playing with other kids of his own age.   It would rather play with toys or hang out with me or Kara.  The few he does it seems to be girls.  Lexi is a girl at daycare that is always talking about him and wants him to come around to her house to play , and he is always talking about Molly also from daycare, although he says with a passionate dislike how she “like to play with barbies”.

Well we went to a small party just before Christmas at our friend Tom and Tracy’s and there was this little blond girl a little bit older than him with gorgeous big blond locks.  Before she’d got there he’d just been playing in the basement with his cars.  Once he saw her he spent the next hour or so chasing her around the couches, rolling on the couches, sharing toys and just having a great time.   It was fun to watch him having such a great time.

It was funny, her dad was giving some very funny looks over towards what they were up to, and I sensed she got told to calm down a couple of times!  I was just thinking “go on boy!” 🙂 A little sweet hug at the end of the night, and that was that – Hayden will probably never set eyes on her again so on to the next one…


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