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Let Me Entertain You February 18, 2011

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Hayden is really into singing.  He is constantly either singing a real song (like Ba Ba Black Sheep or Yellow Submarine), making up a song with words, or “do-do-do”ing.  Often he will be doing a “music show” for us, which is him doing one of those things for a long time while he sort of wanders around us and asks us if we like his music show.  He likes for us to also “sing it,” which can be difficult when he is making up the song as he goes.  We have CDs in CD towers in our family room, and he loves to pick out a CD and put it in the CD player himself, and then he usually demands that we sing the song with generally no regard to whether we even know the song. 🙂  I can’t remember if I wrote this before, but the sound for the CD player comes from our surround sound, so to hear the music you have to turn that on in addition to the CD player.  It is low to the ground, so I usually touch the on button with my foot (since I’m usually holding Layla and it’s easier to do that than bend down).  Hayden now knows that the sound comes from the surround sound box and he, too, will try to turn it on with his foot!  It cracks me up to see him steadying himself on one foot to try to turn it on.

He also loves making Layla laugh.  He shakes his head back and forth and makes this loud noise to try to make her laugh.  It used to really get her giggling, but she seems relatively immune to it now, so he does that and asks why Layla’s not laughing.  He also likes to play peek-a-boo with her when they are in the car, and that will get her laughing.  This morning I was trying to put his shoes on him and he said, “Wait, I can’t see Layla, I want to make Layla laugh!”  He is often trying to come up with something new to get her laughing.  Usually as long as he is paying attention to her and laughing she will giggle.  She is very interested in where he is and loves getting attention from him.  It’s cute seeing them in the review mirror in the van, because lately they are having a lot of fun back there together.


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