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I’ll Have What She’s Having April 7, 2011

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Who knew the secret to getting a preschooler to eat anything was to have a baby and then when that baby gets old enough to eat solids you feed that baby things you want the other kid to eat?  Wow, it’s so easy. 😉  Layla is eating all sorts of foods now, and I can’t give her anything without Hayden piping up that he wants it, too.  Suddenly he’s eating carrots and plain brown rice and avocado and anything else we put in front of Layla.  We had tried everything to get him to eat carrots, to no avail.  But, heaven forbid we give them to Layla and not to him (gasp!), because “I like carrots!”  He even tried plain tofu once when I gave it to her.  I tried to tell him he might not like it, but he insisted he did – that was before he tried it.  Then he ate it and decided he didn’t, in fact, like it. 🙂  Shocking.  He always wants to eat the little baby crackers, rice puffs, and graham cracker sticks that really are made for babies, but I don’t let him have many of those purely because they kind of expensive, especially considering how many he would eat if he had free reign.

Here is a picture of Layla enjoying pancakes during a Sunday morning breakfast outing.  Her Nanny Mad is notorious for loving pancakes, and Layla is giving her a run for her money!  “All the pancakes are mine, Nanny!”


3 Responses to “I’ll Have What She’s Having”

  1. Nanny Mad Says:

    Only because it is you Layla I will give in and let you have them first love you lot’s cant wait to see how big you have got xx

    • Michelle goodwin Says:

      Ok nanny pancakes xx love this post how Hayden now wants to eat stuff Layla is eating sooo funny!xxx

  2. Nanny Mad Says:

    As it’s you Layla I will let you have them first love you lot’s xx

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