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Abbey “Nightwatch Cat” July 25, 2011

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The kids are now to an age where if they cry out in the middle of the night we don’t feel like we have to rush right in.  We don’t want them to get into a habit of waking up and then getting attention, because that is not a fun game for the adults who also need sleep.  They also usually don’t wake each other up even if one is crying out (USUALLY).  However, our beloved cat, Abbey, has taken to becoming a backup alarm for the kids’ cries.  If one of them cries out and we don’t respond (often, intentionally) she will sit in between their rooms and meow at the top of her lungs – and meow, and meow, and meow.  We usually end up getting up more to keep her from waking the sleeping child than out of concern for whoever caused the kitty alarm.  It’s no fun getting up in the middle of the night, but having a nightwatch cat does provide a little comic relief when it does happen.


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