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Hey, Jealousy July 25, 2011

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I’m sure we’ve mentioned before that Hayden gets jealous of Layla pretty easily, particularly when it comes to Daddy time. He also immediately becomes interested in pretty much any toy she has taken an interest in. The girl stands up for herself though, and from the time she has been old enough to be interested in a toy, Hayden has been taking that toy away from her, and she has sidled up to him and bitten him! This has been going on for weeks, and I have no idea where she even came up with biting. I would love to blame it on day care (that is where Hayden learned it when he was a toddler), but when she started doing it the other babies in her room were too little to even be getting around, much less biting.  She does get in trouble when she bites, and now Hayden is known for taking a toy from her and then putting his hand right in front of her mouth to try to make her bite him so she will get in trouble!

So anyway, back to the jealousy front… Layla has now become jealous as well!  She will cry if I hold Hayden or have him on my lap, and she will scoot right on over to us and even tried to bite me once.  Apparently our kids feel a definite ownership over me and John currently: Hayden thinks John is his and Layla thinks I am hers.  We do what we can to try to get them used to the fact that we are both their parents, and most of the time there is harmony, but the green eyed monster rears its head often enough to make it noteworthy!


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