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Don’t say that word! August 30, 2011

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Hayden’s latest thing is when we are telling him off or that he can’t do something that he wants he will tell us “don’t say that word”.   It might be something like we will tell him “if you don’t eat your dinner you can’t have your cup cake”, or “if you don’t do a poop before bed you can’t have two books at bed time”, anything really he doesn’t like and he’ll just tell us “don’t say that word!”


Driving while not paying attention!

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I think I am a pretty good driver.  Generally I drive close to the speed limit and think I am very aware of other drivers and people around the roads. However I have a habit of looking around and being what I am going to call observant. Often that involves sitting at the traffic lights and not noticing they have changed. Well I think this might have been inherited by Hayden! He has been learning to ride his bike recently and he is a doing a great job but from time to time his mind will just drift off into the distant and he will pay zero attention to where he is headed!   He will just veer off into the grass or be heading towards a lamppost with no care in the world.  I’ll obviously warm him and tell him that he needs to pay attention to where he is going.  Kara thinks this is ironic. 🙂




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Recently Hayden has gotten into negotiating.   He is just missing a couple of basic skills. Like which way to negotiate and he nearly always goes the wrong way. This often comes into play at dinner or lunch time. We will want him to finish his food and he will tell us that he is all done and that he is ready for ice cream or some other cool treat. We will tell him that he needs to est more food before and so starts the negotiation process. Often we will start and tell him that he needs to take say 4 more bites.  He will counter with 6, we will go, ok 6 and then he will respond “so 8?” . We agree and he ends up finishing his food!   Yesterday Kara said he got up to like 16, and fundamentally lost count so again just ate everything! I am sure he will get better at this but right now mummy and a daddy are winning this battle!


Silent cry August 29, 2011

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It’s pretty rare for Layla to cry, but it happens occasionally. Normally if she is hurt, hungry or kara or I left the room. When she does we will get plenty of warning. Her lovely little face will scrunch up and her mouth will open as wide as it’s allowed and it will look heart breaking…. But there will be no sound. I swear sometimes it takes as long 30 seconds until we her any noise from her. So it looks like she is screaming in pain and tears are rolling down her face, but silent! Bless her.


6 teeth

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Layla had six teeth for the longest time. This was a little different for us because with Hayden they just seem to all burst through at once. If you go back to pictures of Hayden around the age that Layla is now you will notice that he always seems to have a bib on! He was a drool monster! We don’t seem to have that problem with Lay, she is a one tooth at a time girl. The bad of that is that is prolonging the teething process, the good thing is I don’t think it hurts or bothers her as much and also she doesn’t have to have bibs every picture….only when she eats! and that is pretty normal, I think grandpa still wears bibs and he is just a little bit older than Lay!

However six teeth has suddenly turned into like 12 without hardly noticing. From nowhere they just popped through after it feels like 3 months of 6 teeth. I can’t call her 6 teeth anymore – I will have to come up with a new nickname for her now! Maybe “Princess Boo!”


Eating machine

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Layla is a eating machine. There is no other way about it. She eats everything. If you take your eyes off your plate – then swipe – it’ll be gone!



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Hayden has gotten into the habit rerecently of asking “why?” for basically everything we say to him. It takes me back a few years because about two years ago his cousin Robby used to do exactly the same. It’s always hard to answer these questions. An example:

Hayden we need to go to pre school
Because that is what you do on Mondays.
Because its a mummy and daddy work day
Because we need to work to buy you toys
Because otherwise you would not have any toys
By this time I have grey hair and very little hair… got to love four year olds!