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When I’m FOUR! August 5, 2011

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We have been hearing about Hayden’s birthday for a long time now – from Hayden.  His mind is full of ideas of what is going to happen when he is four.   For a start he thinks he is going to break the house, because he is going to be so tall, that his head will bust through the roof.  He told me the other day that he was getting bigger already because it is almost four.    He will obviously be bigger than me when he is four.  He thinks that he can eat more ice cream, because – why not, he’s four!   He will start to use a grown up knife and fork, because that is what you do when you are four.   For about two years he hasn’t like Milk, he also told me that when he is four he is going to like Milk again.

We have also used this “when he is four” concept to tell him that there are a number of things that four years can’t do, and that he will have to do when he is four.  Some of them:

  • eat by himself (he has a very nice dad who seems to spoon feed him half of his meals!).
  • always go pee pee standing up (his potty will be confiscated on his fourth birthday!).
  • and go by himself
  • be a good boy.  bad boys aren’t allowed to be 4
  • dress himself
  • poop every day

I haven’t even mentioned the “i want this for my birthday”.  Every time he looks at a magazine or catalog he wants everything for his birthday.  He did this last year for Christmas and it’s been relentless since Christmas.  We just tell him to put it on his list.  The list is very long.  I think he will be disappointed at Birthday time!  And we start the count down to Christmas right now!


One Response to “When I’m FOUR!”

  1. Nanny Mad Says:

    Love and miss you soooo much Hayden xxxx

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