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Birthday Boy August 29, 2011

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Hayden is four! I almost typed finally four – in fact Kara was saying just the other day that she can’t believe that our little boy is four already, and my response is that I can’t believe he isn’t four already – we’ve been talking about his birthday since Christmas!! He has been so excited about it that it’s been “when I’m four …” and “for my birthday” etc, that it seems like it’s been a bit of a build up to the big day!!   I can certainly remember back before May when we were laying out the sequence of birthdays so he knew where his fell.  Also he knew in line with coming back from England it was his birthday. He just missed the bit that said there was going to be three weeks in between coming back and his actual birthday!

We were going to just do a low key birthday, but of course Hayden had other ideas and basically planned his own birthday party at Chuckie Cheese, with a cake and presents… so you’ll hear more about that later I’m sure.

Three was an interesting year for Hayden. He was a really good two year old, but when he hit three, he certainly become a but of a threeager.   He started to question why he had to do things, rather than just doing them. Started to learn the power of the tantrum in public and realize that while threats of having toys taken away wasn’t great, it wasn’t enough to sway whatever his particular argument was at the time. He also become a big daddy’s boy, to the point though that it’s a bit ridiculous at times, and certainly hard on Layla and Kara. Small example would be if I’m there, Hayden won’t let anyone else but me put him in and out of his car seat.  If it’s just me and Layla, then he’ll throw a fit if I try to do anything with Layla first. If I carry Layla he will suddenly need carrying. If I play with Layla, he will get himself in between us and insist I play with him. So he certainly became pretty testy. Certainly his relationship with Kara has gone under some good test as he loves to push her buttons and draw out her patience!  Luckily for him she has plenty!!

Of course, all of that is always instantly forgotten because he is also the sweetest and funniest little boy. He gives out hugs and kisses. He loves being tickled and just loves any play time with me or Kara. In fact I think he just loves attention. More than anything of course he loves Trains. His obsession about trains bleeds into everything he does, but it’s a healthy obsession as things like that go, and he gets so much joy out of just pushing his trains around we just leave him to it.

He still loves his routines.  Two books at bed time is just as important now as it’s every been.   He gets very upset if he can’t get his books, or songs, or even his bath.  These are the things he does, and he wants to know why if things are going to change.

I couldn’t imagine life without my little guy and can’t believe how fast he is growing.   But it is so much fun watching him grow up.  Love you Hayden!!


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