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Driving while not paying attention! August 30, 2011

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I think I am a pretty good driver.  Generally I drive close to the speed limit and think I am very aware of other drivers and people around the roads. However I have a habit of looking around and being what I am going to call observant. Often that involves sitting at the traffic lights and not noticing they have changed. Well I think this might have been inherited by Hayden! He has been learning to ride his bike recently and he is a doing a great job but from time to time his mind will just drift off into the distant and he will pay zero attention to where he is headed!   He will just veer off into the grass or be heading towards a lamppost with no care in the world.  I’ll obviously warm him and tell him that he needs to pay attention to where he is going.  Kara thinks this is ironic. 🙂



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