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Smooooooch September 15, 2011

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In the last week Layla has started giving real kisses with the smooch sound. It is seriously the cutest thing.  Sometimes (oftentimes) she doesn’t make the sound until shortly after she has pulled away from the kiss.  She does this when giving us actual kisses, when blowing kisses, when kissing her dolls, and when giving the animals kisses.  I’m going to try to get it on video because it is just precious.


Baby steps September 8, 2011

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Layla is still not properly walking, but she is spending a lot of time on her feet cruising around and takes a couple of steps at a time before she falls into us.  She doesn’t have the balance thing down very well yet, and her upper body gets way ahead of her feet.  But, she’s getting there slowly.

She has a handful of words that she uses.  Probably the clearest thing she says is still Mama.  She also says night-night really well.  “Yeah” is another one she has been using for a while, and she uses that correctly.  She is not great on Dada, but one day she said “a” (as in, Da without the D) a few times while I was trying to get her to say it.  She is very clear about what she wants with pointing and making kind of whiny noises (“uh, uh”).  She repeats the lion noise “rah” with John and I can get her to make the dog sound “woof” which is very cute because she just says fffff.  Hayden was asking me this morning when she would call him Hayden, so I was trying to get her to day “Den” because I know “Hayden” will be difficult for her.