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The not quite as big blog – (on Hayden this time) December 31, 2011

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As usual Hayden continues to crack us up on a daily basis so I also needed to go a quick aggregation of some of his new adventures.

When he’s eating he’ll demand that I watch him eat something.  Daddy watch me eat this cracker, daddy watch me eat this apple, etc.  No idea why, but it’s kind of funny.

Hayden is getting very expressive with his facial features and his hand gestures when he talks.  He does this changing the light blub like gesture (vs. Coldplay dancing) with his hand when he’s saying stuff.  It feel very philosophical!

He loves going on bike rides right now, even though it’s cold.  The other day he even chose a bike ride over playing video games!   He still has his training wheels but we’ll work on that in the spring.  He likes going really fast and is starting to get a good sense of balance but the use of the brake is still very optional but at least he normally takes his foot off the pedal so when he crashes it had less impact.  He has also worked out to head towards the grass if he loses control.  He doesn’t really care if he crashes so that also help.

He is getting over apologetic!  He’ll say “Oh sorry” about 50 times a day right now and I’ve spotted a couple of themes.  Firstly nothing is his fault!  If he knocks something over then “oh sorry it wasn’t my fault it just did it all on its own”.  Secondly he never meant it.  So if we are just correcting him, something simple like can you hand me the yellow pen and he gives me an orange one, “oh sorry, I didn’t mean to.”  It’s funny.

The other thing that is new with Hayden is that everything is cool or silly or funny Daddy.   I’ll try to give an example conversations.  “Daddy I want to eat my cupcake with my eyes closed as wouldn’t that be silly daddy.  It would be so funny.  And if I did that I might drop it and it would break on the floor and that would be super silly daddy.  And maybe the cupcake would have green on it and that would be really cool wouldn’t it daddy.”

I’ve noticed recently that Hayden also has three running styles.  One which is full out running.  Used for example at a bounce place where he is really excited.  Two is the skip.  He does this when he is really not that interested inn what he’s doing and generally in la-la land.  Three is the shuffle.  When he kind of glides across the floor like he is ice skating on tip toes.  Generally reserved for when he is really excited about something and is generally accompanied by a giddy expression.



Competitive December 30, 2011

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Hayden hasn’t traditionally been that competitive. For example when we played football (soccer) this year he loved playing when he had the ball and we were doing training drills etc, but when we played games he had no interest in tackling other players, and hated it if someone took the ball from him. When he plays basketball it’s generally just running around with no real concept of trying to take the ball away from others. However when it comes to Layla he is the most competitive kid you’ll ever see. He wants to do everything before her, or better than her, or if she’s doing it then he wants to take over and do it.

Starts with when they both share my cereal each morning.  Cue Hayden “I want the first bite because I was here before Layla”.  Then some others that come up throughout the day:

  • I want to get in the bath before Layla.
  • I want to get my coat on FIRST.
  • Lift me over first, before Layla.
  • I want more water in the bath because I’m older than Layla.
  • I want to get up the stairs before Layla.
  • Why did Layla get up before me, I want to get up before Layla.
  • I am faster than Layla
  • Layla doesn’t get as much ice cream as me, because I’m bigger than her
  • I get more presents than Layla because I’m bigger
  • I got the most, I got more than Layla

There is no end to this competitive streak – today when he was going to the toilet he told me that he has more pee pees than Layla!!


The big blog

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I have slacked a lot with my blog writing of late and thought its time I just rambled a bunch of stuff in one blog to try and catch up so this is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff primary on Layla (because the few blogs I have done have generally been on Hayden).

Layla is becoming a big chatterbox.  Her vocabulary is developing by the day.  She is starting to join some words together and in general seems to be able to communicate well with us.  She certainly understands a lot and knows how to communicate basic yes and no commands to us.  The no is typically a very dramatic shake of her every growing hair which is adorably cute.  She hasn’t mastered her own name or Hayden’s yet, but knows important stuff like baby, mine, apple, banana (nana), mumma, dadda,  juice, more, etc.   Basically she gets what she wants with these words 🙂

Layla is showing to be a real lady. She just loves walking around with a bag or purse on her shoulder. It looks like she is out shopping all the time.  She is also completely obsessed by her babies.  She has to be carrying them around most of the time (not one, but at least two, and a blanket, and some bottles for them).  It’s funny sometimes when you come into her bedroom when she’s waking up, and she’ll already have all her babies accumulated up and be carrying them waiting for us to lift her out of the crib.   But she just  loves babies, for Christ,mas she got a stroller and also a toy crib and high chair and she also makes sure her babies get full use of her baby accessories!   If her babies are out of reach though we hear about it, she will screech ” BABEEE” over and over again until we do something about it!

If I tell her go crazy she does a very cool crazy shake similar to what Hayden used to do.  It’s very impactful with Layla because of all her hair.  She would make a great rock chick!   Talking of her hair – it’s a good job Kara is always here to repair my feeble attempts at pig tails or pony tails.  I just don’t think it’s my DNA to figure that out!  Her hair is great thought and continues to grow so Kara can give her a different hair style everyday.  I can see the days of the future where they spend hours braiding or plating their hair together.

Layla loves the dogs (and Abbey to be fair.)  Whenever she is close to any of the animals she will lower her head and give them a kiss, or a cuddle, or try to go for a ride (dogs don’t always appreciate the last one, and often get straight up which sends her flying!).  She is forever just laying down with them, and generally loving on them.  It’s nice to see.   Especially Stella (which is Larry and Gretchen’s new puppy).  Layla and Stella are just best friends and are always running around together and following each other.

Now Layla is clearly no Hayden Mark II.   It’s funny that we spend all this time blogging and we never go back and look at those blogs, but it just feels like she is so different to him in personality.  Once she gets warmed up (she can start very shy, especially if her mum is around) she is very confident and likes to own the room.  She knows what she wants and is very assertive to take it.  If someone messes with her, or takes something away from her, she will make her feelings know (whether it’s a bite, push, verbal assault – whatever it takes!).   But she does share some attributes of Hayden.  She understands jokes, and loves being funny.  She is very loving to us.  Love her bed toys.  Is a pretty good eater and an excellent sleeper.

Layla also really knows how to shake her booty!  Every time there is music out playing she will just break into her own little dance, that largely involves ducking down her shoulders some (a move I’m convinced she must have learned from me as that was how Kara always made fun of me dancing!) and sticking her bottom and literally shaking it from side to side!    Very funny.


Well I say… December 29, 2011

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Hayden has started to realize that he and I talk differently. There be certain word that he will already say with an American accent and I’ll tell him that that I say it like this “fill in stylish English accent” and then he’ll tell me how he says it. Well this was kind of funny a few nights back when I was reading with him… The word in case was envelope. It was a sesame street ABC book and we were on the letter E. He goes “on-vel-lope”. I tell him it’s “end vel lope”. He then corrects me that it must be “on-vel-lope” because that starts with an E and “end vel lope” starts with an N! Getting corrected by a four year old – ouch!

One of my favorites though that has nothing to do with our culture differences is X-Ray. Because there are so few words beginning with an X you’ll be surprised how often this comes up in ABC books! Anyway, instead of x-ray he says “x-er-ray”. I tried to correct him once but he put me back in my place and told me that while I might say “x-ray” he says “x-er-ray” and that was the end of that!


21st century children December 27, 2011

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Layla already knows how to unlock Kara’s phone and the other day she managed to call our friend Anita in England (well got the voicemail!). Hayden now has his own iPhone (well iPod touch) and totally knows his way around it. He can already type his own name.

It is a different generation!


Are you kidding me! December 24, 2011

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It is funny seeing how four year olds develop humour and sarcasm. Some times Hayden hits it right on the head. Sometimes he will get all stressed out when we try to joke with him. Generally though if we say something that’s a little off he will just respond with the “are you kidding me?” in a jovial tone. You’ll notice the tone of this post was McEnroe….. Well that’s more because if we say something that is something he is completely not expecting…. For example imagine its a Saturday and we told him that he was going to daycare he would just give us a look of disdain and respond cue McEnroe tone of “are you serious!” Hayden would say “are you kidding me!” you can’t be serious, you’re kidding me right?”. He is a little munchkin!



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Hayden has reached that age where everything is about poop.

He celebrates doing a poop by telling everyone. A couple of times of late we’ve been ate reasonably nice restaurant and he will run from the toilet back to the table shouting about how big his poop was! Sometimes that is just Layla and Mum (lucky me gets to hang out with him.. “I want daddy to help me do a poop”. It’s part of the downside of being number one in Hayden’s world!) other times there are many tables or waiters near by to hear his over graphic details!

A few nights back when we were singing bedtime songs when we got to wheels on the bus we mixed it up like usual and had various different people on the bus (grandpa, grandma, auntie chelle, dusty and robby)… His five different versus were. Grandpa on the bus said give me more poop, grandma on the bus said go do a poop, auntie chelle said I like poopy, dusty said I did a poop in the potty, robby said poopy poop poopy”… I think you get the idea!

We blame it all on grandpa for the record!


In her face

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When Hayden is telling Layla something he loves to get right In her face. He will lower himself to her level and inform her things like “this is my toy Layla” or “it’s my turn not yours”. He really likes to rub it in – how does Layla react to this?… she just pushes him or bites him! Then he will just fall down like he has been hit by a sniper and start crying and Layla just gets on with her business.

It’s funny watching them grow up together. I am pretty sure they like each other but they also love to wind each other up!


I like you a lot

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I have talked many times about Hayden and how he is a big daddy’s boy. Well recently out of nowhere he will just say “I really really like daddy” or “I love daddy a lot”. I am just making this note because in a few years time I bet I won’t be able to get him to say a nice word about me! I have to make the most of this!

Also to balance all this out he did shout out “I love you Mr Crocodile” for no reason whatsoever today!


Best Buds December 12, 2011

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Hayden has a best friend!  It’s a boy at preschool called Oliver, who he has gone to day care with since they were both in the infant room.  It’s very cute that he has someone who he likes to play with and he talks about when he’s home, because he doesn’t very often take an interest in his peers.  It’s cool too because Oliver is a really sweet boy. When they were babies Oliver’s mom and I had them in the same Mommy & me swim class, so I have gotten to know her over the years, too.  One morning when I was dropping him off, Oliver was also getting dropped off at the same time and I heard him tell his dad that Hayden is his best friend. 🙂