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Haddy! January 26, 2012

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Firstly, note to self: take some pictures!  We haven’t had any new pictures for about a month, and it’s a struggle to find ones to go with blogging posts at this point.

But the real news is that Layla finally has a “name” for Hayden!  A couple of days ago at day care I picked her up from her classroom and had to go back out to the van to get something before we got Hayden from his classroom, and she started saying, “Aa-ddy, Aa-ddy.”  I started to realize that she was trying to say Hayden, and she was letting me know I was forgetting him!  “Hayden” has proven to be a difficult word for a toddler to say, and we’ve tried to think of other things she can call him like Haydy or Den or Denden, but she really hasn’t been calling him anything until now.  I guess the real question is how long has she been calling him Addy and we’ve not understood or I’ve thought she was saying Daddy.  Now that I’ve caught on I get her to say it a lot.  I’m starting to hear more of an H in the beginning now, so it’s more like ha-DDY.

Her language is getting better all the time, as it does with this age.  She had ear tubes put in this month because of recurring ear infections, and that is also helping I’m sure.  She even repeated “butterfly” pretty clearly last night.  But apart from her speech, she understands so much.  I have to be careful now what I say.  Today I told Hayden he could have some candy if he would go to the bathroom (which he CLEARLY needed to do – when will he start listening to his body and responding on his own?!), and Layla got all excited and went up to the candy jar (even though she hardly ever has candy).  It happens all the time, that I will say something to someone else and she will respond in a way that I realize she knows most of what I am saying.  Pretty cool! 🙂


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  1. Michelle Says:

    Love it!xx

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