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What Layla Wants February 25, 2012

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Hayden is mostly a pretty good brother.  I mean, he definitely has his moments where I would regret making that claim, but all in all he is pretty good.  One thing I really enjoy is that he tries to translate Layla’s words or actions for us.  For instance, she has gotten really bad about sitting for a meal at lunch or dinner – whether at home or out.  The other day I was doing everything I could to try to keep her at the table, and she wasn’t liking it.  She wouldn’t eat and she was getting pretty fussy.  Hayden said, “I don’t think she likes her food.”  Often when she is getting upset while eating, I of course know that she doesn’t want to eat what is on her plate but like every other parent on the planet don’t want to give in right away and make her think she only has to eat the super delicious things, Hayden will chime in telling me he thinks she wants [fill in food here].  What’s funny is it’s not always things that she would be excited about eating, but if he suggests it and then I ask if that’s what she wants she’ll stop crying and say yes, and then eat it.  Note to self, get him to start suggesting broccoli.

This isn’t limited to food.  We might be in the car and she could be crying, I’ll ask what is wrong and Hayden will give his opinion.  “I think she wants the music louder.”  “I think she wants to go home.”  Funnily enough, it’s usually not him projecting what he actually wants, trying to use her as an excuse.  He is genuinely trying to figure it out.  Sweetie.


One Response to “What Layla Wants”

  1. Nanny Mad Says:

    What a helpfull little brother you are xx

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