Hayden and Layla's Place

Ipn! May 16, 2012

Filed under: Mommy — karagoodwin @ 7:10 pm

It’s fun how kids can make you take notice of things that have faded into the background of everyday life for those of us who have been around for a while.  Layla gets really excited whenever she hears an airplane.  She’ll shout “Ipn!” and point to the sky.  It took a while for us to realize what she was saying, but now we get excited with her.  Hayden even beat her to the punch yesterday by shouting airplane when he heard one before she got a chance to call it out. 😉

Her speech is really exploding right now.  She’s stringing together three or more words, and she’s getting easier to understand.  She understands so much, and has for a long time.  I realize that the most when I will be talking to John or Hayden about the day and mention that we should do so-and-so after Layla’s nap, and she’ll start saying, “No night-night.”  I don’t even think about her listening to what I’m saying, but she’s clued in enough to hear “nap” and to protest!


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