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Trains May 17, 2012

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(Note I wrote this before the Trains vs Robots blog – but it’s all still valid based on his actions!)  My son is obsessed by trains. If you ask him if he loves something or somebody he will respond with “no, I love trains”. He loves trains more than anything and they rule his world.

A little while back we took him to a train fair at the local state fairgrounds. He was very excited and loved it, although of course he was stressed out by being over whelmed with all the motorized trains. We have spent years buying him wooden trains but I sense he wants to upgrade and move to the motorized stuff already. More on that later. We actually think it’s great he has something he is so interested in right now, but just hope he grows out of it by the time he is a teenager!

The train fair also provided the opportunity to pick up some train catalogs and magazines from the main vendors. I swear that he spent the whole day Sunday until abut 5 o’clock reading this catalog. I even wanted to go down our basement on the rowing machine and he just sat there for 30 minutes reading the catalogue while I rowed. When I finished he was excited to show me the pages I had missed. The whole time he had kept his finger on the page where we had started when I started rowing! He wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a single train engine! Two months later these books are still in heavy circulation.

When I told him I was going to England back in January the only thing that concerned him was that I might ride on trains without him! I had to send him pictures of all the trains I was on and promise not to have any fun on them!

So a couple of months back great grandpa Dave gave Hayden an old Lionel steam engine as well as some carriages (O-27 scale). These are pretty big and serious trains, not what I would call toys! I’ve been picking up the pieces like track and a transformer, etc and then recently we put it together in the basement and he absolutely loves it. He would just watch it for hours! He was talking about it for ages before we put it together and would want me to get the trains out just so he could see them before we even got them moving. When I was adding the carriages on he was giving me the appropriate feedback telling me which way all the coaches went, in particular he pointed out that I had out the caboose the wrong way around and implied I was a complete fool!


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