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Hayden and His Ladies June 20, 2012

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Hayden is pretty interested in the girls in his life right now. He got invited to one of his best friend’s birthday party the other day.  (Hayden will tell you he has two best friends – Oliver and Olivia)  He was so excited about going to Olivia’s party.  I figured she had invited the whole preschool class, but only Hayden and one other girl from the class seemed to get invited.   I wondered how the day would work out, because he was so excited about his “best friend’s” party, and I wondered if since it was her big day if she would be as interested in playing with Hayden since she would have all her favorite people there.  But it was very cute, because she was just as excited to see and play with Hayden as he was her.  They were running around together, thick as thieves.  the b&w picture posted here is them as he was leaving.  That is happiness! 🙂

He also had a friend from the neighborhood over a few weeks ago named Lainey.  We had been to a neighborhood party, and in the beginning Hayden was very tired, his allergies were bothering him, and he was not enjoying himself.  But Lainey showed up after a while and they had a ball playing together.  He wanted her to come over to his house to play, so a few days later we had her over for a playdate.  It was really cute, as he had a great time doing everything she wanted to do!  He wanted to eat everything she was eating at the same time she was eating it.  He was interested in everything she wanted to play with… until they went upstairs where his Geotrax train was set up.  Then, he got pretty distracted by the train and lost interest in her. 🙂  It was funny watching Layla while Lainey was over.  She was very dubious about another girl being around and getting attention off of Hayden and trying to play with her toys.  She would just stand there watching, taking it all in, trying to decide how she felt.  She did a pretty good job sharing and controlling her emotions considering she is only 2, but I had to intervene a few times.

And finally, Hayden has been interested in playing with another little girl in his life – his sister!  He likes to follow Layla around and play with her.  It goes in waves really – he’ll be really interested in her for a few days, then it will subside, then he’ll start paying attention to her again.  It’s like one day he woke up and realized there was another kid in the house he could play with.  I love watching them play and laugh together.  They do get up to mischief, though.  Today I had gone upstairs to get some laundry.  John was already up there but the kids were playing downstairs.  Suddenly we heard music.  He went downstairs and they were playing on the computer!  They do things like that, and Hayden will laugh and laugh, knowing that he’s not supposed to be doing it but thinking he won’t get in trouble because it’s technically Layla who is doing it.  He will also encourage her to run away from me when we are trying to go somewhere and I am trying to get shoes on her or change her diaper, and he’ll just laugh and laugh as she gives me chase.  They are little turkeys!!!


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