Hayden and Layla's Place

Ice Ice Baby June 20, 2012

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It’s been a hot summer so far, with very little (FAR TOO little) rain.  Whenever we get a drink for us or the kids, it’s with ice.  Hayden and Layla would get excited about the ice at first, when we first started adding it and it was a novelty, and when they’d ask for ice John would start singing Ice, Ice Baby.  Now, whenever drinks are being served the subject of ice always comes up (usually by one of them), and they will start singing either, “Ice, Ice Baby,” or “Ice, Ice Big Boy,” which his Hayden’s variation and makes them both laugh.  I’m sorry if this post has put that song in your head, but now you can sympathize with what it might be like to have that song in your head pretty much all day for the whole of the summer so far!  I guess it’s only not in my head when the songs from Layla’s Elmo book have taken over (see previous post)!


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