Hayden and Layla's Place

Cars 2 July 25, 2012

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Hayden used to LOVE cars when he was not quite 2 – 3+.  Then, as we all know, he turned his focus to trains, and in the last few months he has decided he loves robots, transformers, beyblades, and ghosts.  So it is really funny to me that in the last few weeks, he cannot get enough of the Cars 2 movie.  It seems so old-school-Hayden!  Truth be told, though – although he wants to watch the whole movie, we think it’s actually the preview for a new Disney movie called Planes which he is obsessed with.  Regardless of the reason, he literally watches the movie about 4 times a week (and asks if he can watch it 100 x week).  He gets to watch a movie or cartoon while Layla naps, and incidentally now Layla tells me several times a day she wants to watch a movie, even though she has a very short attention span for TV.


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