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Colors (Mommy Say It) July 25, 2012

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Layla has been really interested in colors lately.  You can ask her what color anything is and she will tell you!  She’ll tell you yellow, whether or not it is, but yellow IS a color, and maybe a stop sign is really yellow and everyone else is wrong.  🙂

She loves asking what different colors are, but what is funny is she will be on a roll giving (mostly incorrect) answers to different objects.  Then I’ll ask her what the color is of something else and she’ll look at me with a smile and say, “Mommy say it.”  That’s a pretty good indication that she is done with the color game.  She does this with other things that she doesn’t know the answer to, like if we are looking in a book and I ask her what something is that she doesn’t know: “Mommy say it.”  (Stream of consciousness: not really related to the topic at hand but what is also funny is when we are looking in a book, she loves to point to something and have me say the wrong word/name for it, then she will say, “nooooo,” and I will say, “What is it?” and she will tell me what/who it is.)


One Response to “Colors (Mommy Say It)”

  1. lemon123 Says:

    She’s very smart.:)

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