Hayden and Layla's Place

Bot and Boots August 15, 2012

Filed under: Dad Blogs on Layla — JDG @ 11:50 am

Layla has a huge obsession with Minnie Mouse as we have probably discussed many times. Every time she see anything Minnie she must have it. You have to fight her to get her Minnie pajamas off and usually involves a trade of having to swap it for Minnie top.

However this post wasn’t about Minnie, it was more about her favorite characters from the other shows she likes. She likes Dora, but her favourites character is Boots, and she likes Team Umizoomi but where you would think she likes Mili, it’s very clear that Bot is her favourite!

She gets so excited when Bot comes on the screen and if you ask her what cartoon she want she will say bot instead of team umizoomi. Similar with Boots if she sees her Dora cup she will just ignore Dora and point excitedly to Boots. Also with her band aids she only wants the ones with Boots!


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