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Why do we have to sleep? August 16, 2012

Filed under: Dad Blogs on Hayden — JDG @ 12:25 am

Hayden likes to procrastinate at bed time. Sometimes he will try anything to stay up longer. It will start with complaining he can’t find one of his bed toys, then his owl blanket won’t be on properly, then abbey be in his room and purring too loud, and then he will want a drink and then need the toilet, then need some help to wash his hands, then he needs owl blanket or car quilt back on after getting out of bed. I am a complete sucker so I just run ups nd down the stairs until he finally goes to sleep!

One of his favourite discussions to keep bedtime alive is to ask me why do we have to sleep? I will make something up about how you have to sleep to get enough energy. He will not buy it and ask what if I don’t sleep? I will tell him that you get too tired to play toys if you don’t sleep. What if I forget how to sleep? Or I won’t sleep and so on :). Despite all this he is actually a really good sleeper.



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