Hayden and Layla's Place

Hayden’s Family Drawing August 29, 2012

Filed under: Mummy On Hayden — karagoodwin @ 3:34 pm

Hayden brought this drawing home from day care last week, and I just LOVE it!  He’s managed to draw all of the people in his family and even included Lucy!  It’s easy to tell it’s Lucy because it’s so skinny and has a thin long tail.  Not sure where Mimi and Abbey are, or why none of us have arms, but I’m happy that we are all smiling and I managed to get eyes which John would be jealous of if he had any to see.  Layla has an uncanny resemblance to R2D2 – Hayden is pretty into Star Wars now (to John’s delight) so I can’t say for sure if this is a coincidence or not.


One Response to “Hayden’s Family Drawing”

  1. Nanny Mad Says:

    I love Hayden’s drawing its so cute x

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