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More Funnies September 20, 2012

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I know it hasn’t been that long since I wrote a post on the funny things the kids say, but they just keep coming up with them and I don’t want to forget!

The other day I took Hayden to the dentist, and on the way home we stopped to get some gas.  We’d been in the car maybe 3 minutes when we stopped for gas, and as I’m getting out of the car Layla says (the quotes are intentional – this is word-for-word), “Let me out, I need to stretch my legs.”  She’s 2 1/3 – and yet she came up with that sentence.  She just blows me away with her language and comprehension.

Hayden was wanting me to watch him build a “camera store” with legos yesterday.  He wasn’t impressed with my lack of focus on watching him, and he told me that I have two eyes and I needed to watch him.  I think this is a take on the expression I use commonly – I only have two hands.

This picture also made me laugh.  Granddad was here recently, so here’s a nice shot of him playing with the kids.  John and I were behind them and ducked down to try to make it a nice picture of Granddad and the two kids.  This was one in a series of pictures we took, so for this one I decided to “photo bomb” it, you can see in the background.  The thing that makes me laugh is we were watching our neighbor’s dog, Macy, at the time, and I can see now that she was trying to photo bomb my photo bomb!


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