Hayden and Layla's Place

Feed Me! October 31, 2012

Filed under: Mommy on Layla — karagoodwin @ 8:40 pm

Layla is traditionally more independent than Hayden was at her age (or would like to be now, if we didn’t push him to do things for himself).  I’m sure being the little sister has a lot to do with it – seeing her big brother doing things and she wants to do them for herself, too.  For instance, we are currently trying to help Hayden learn how to bathe himself.  We have to talk him through what to do in what order, and Layla just follows right along as we tell Hayden what it’s time to do next.

However, for all her independence she has suddenly decided that she wants to be fed.  She will just sit there not eating and say, “Mommy, feed me.” Sometimes I’m able to distract her into doing it herself by doing various things in the kitchen which prevent me from sitting down, but oftentimes I get drawn in and end up helping her some.  I feel like it’s just a little phase that will pass so I don’t see too much harm in indulging her sometimes.  As John said last time we talked about it, we (mostly he 😉 ) fed Hayden until he was 4 as he could get him to eat a lot more that way.  Hopefully we aren’t gearing up for a similar problem with her!  She can definitely be stubborn so hopefully this is not something we have to stand our ground on later.


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