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Sushi and Frozen Yogurt December 21, 2012

Filed under: Mommy — karagoodwin @ 7:42 pm

photo(8)Both kids are loving sushi right now.  I get a kick of asking them what they want for lunch or dinner and getting the answer, “Sushi!”  I’ve been getting packs of it from the grocery store, and it’s one of their favorite things right now.  I just get brown rice california rolls for the most part, and Hayden doesn’t seem to mind that he is eating rice and avocado – two things he tries to avoid normally.  The first time they tried it was when I was eating it at a restaurant, and of course I was eating fancier, fairly expensive stuff so I was really hoping they WOULDN’T like it.  “Yes, of course you can try it!”  Joke was on me.  I told them we will go to a sushi restaurant over Christmas time, which works out well because Hayden was so excited about the prospect and we also have a Groupon for a great sushi restaurant – yippee!

The picture here shows a common site at meal times around here – the kids eating frozen yogurt from a squishy tube, wearing gloves to keep their hand from getting cold while they hold it.  This cracks me up every day.


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