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Times are A Changin’ February 14, 2013

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Well there are a lot of changes happening around here.  Layla moved into a big girl bed a couple of weeks ago.  It’s been fun picking out her sheets.  I thought she would want princess or something, so she surprised me when we shopped for them and there were lots of princess or fairy options and she went for “birdies and owls.”  Very cute choice, but I was surprised!  Then we looked for another set (for when those are dirty), and she chose ladybugs over butterflies.  She’s a mystery!  Glad I took her along or I would have made all the wrong choices.

Both of them are liking their new school.  Hayden got to go on a field trip!  His first one ever.  He got to take the bus, even.  They went to the library.  He was so excited, and the timing couldn’t have been better as he was a little down that day because he doesn’t normally go to school on a Tuesday, but he had to that day because I’d switched my working day from Monday to Tuesday so we could go to Great Wolf Lodge.  He’d had so much fun at GWL that he was sad when we came home, and then even sadder to have a school day on a day he normally doesn’t.  So when we found out he was going to get to go on a field trip it was just the perk up he could use.

We are also about to adjust to me going from part time to full time.  I have gotten a new position which I am really excited about.  I’ve been in IT for 13 years, doing support and implementations, and I am moving over to a sales role.  I will be with the same company, but doing something completely different.  I can’t wait to start!  The downside of course is I am going from a 3-day per week schedule to full time.  However, I have been reassured (continuously, along my many interviews) that the schedule is flexible so currently I am only planning to bump them up to one extra day in day care, and keep Fridays free.  Hopefully I will be able to sustain that.  John and I had talked before about putting Hayden in day care 4 days/week this year anyway, to try to get him prepared for 5 days weeks when he starts elementary school.  We decided not to do that in the end, but this will facilitate that anyway even though it wasn’t the intention.  That job I HOPE is going to start Mar 1, although no one can seem to agree on a date between my current and future management.