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Singin’ and Addin’ April 30, 2013

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Hayden loves to “put on a song” or “put on a CD”, which means he is going to start singing.  He’ll take a book and “sing” the story that he is seeing, with a lot of musical sounds in accompaniment (almost like “doo-doo-doo” but more of an unspellable sound).  Yesterday he had been looking at a train book, and he started singing a song that said “train” over and over with various humming/instrumental sounds in between.  It’s fun to see such a creative side coming out in him.

He also spends a lot of his energy on adding.  Specifically, he likes to think of things that add up to 12.  He could easily pass and hour or two asking, “Does 6 plus 6 equal 12?” “Does 9 plus 3 equal 12?” or “what does 7 plus 5 equal?” If I give the right answer, he’ll tell me Yes, good job!  But if I tease him and give him a different number he’ll laugh and tell me no.  I try to get him to branch out a bit since he clearly has 12 down really well and I’ll try with another number like 15, but he is not too receptive about other numbers. 

It’s also worth noting that he has mentioned several times lately that his favorite number is 7.  He had several favorite numbers before, but 7 seems to be holding the top spot currently.


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