Hayden and Layla's Place

Swimming June 27, 2013

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Summer is in full here, and that means it’s hot and when you’re outside you want to be by a pool.  John and I were both really adamant that Hayden learn to swim this year, so we’ve got both kids in private lessons once a week.  Hayden has been in swimming lessons many times before, but it’s always been in a group setting, and he’s never really made much progress (I think the main reason being he spends 75% of the time sitting waiting for the other kids, amounting to about 7 minutes of actual instruction).

They have a nice young man as an instructor, Michael.  I thought this would be really good for Hayden as he seems more responsive to men sometimes.  I have been blown away by how much progress Hayden has made.  First of all, he is really loving the water.  He’s been taking baths again lately (was really into showers there for a while), and he’ll lay on his back in the bath and “float”.  Sure makes washing his hair a heck of a lot easier, too!  In his last lesson he progressed to actually swimming strokes as well, as opposed to just kicking around the water on a noodle.  It’s been really exciting to watch his progress.  We told him that if he was actually swimming (no life jacket, etc) by the end of the summer we would take him to Great Wolf Lodge as a treat.  I think that has given him a bit of incentive, but he also seems to be enjoying it and taking pride in his achievements.

Layla is also progressing, but she is also crying a lot during her lesson still.  She’s getting more comfortable floating on her back and loves kicking around the pool in a noodle.  I’m happy with any progress she makes because IMO she’s still a bit on the young side to expect her to hold her own in the water without floaties.


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