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No Training Wheels! September 26, 2013

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Hayden has learned to ride his bike without training wheels.  We’d been casually talking about taking them off for a while, and he assured us that once he was 6 he would.  Well, he turned 6 and sure enough he was willing to give it a try!  One weekend John took them off and guided Hayden around the sidewalks as we walked to a neighborhood party.  Later that weekend we took the bike into the grass (he insisted on being in the grass in case he fell) and he started to get the hang of it.  He actually really enjoyed it once he learned to keep his balance.  It took a bit of convincing to get him to go onto the cement.  We kept telling him how much easier his bike would be to maneuver on cement, and eventually he gave it a try.  Now he’s really confident and zipping around on it all the time.  In fact, he’ll be a good partner to run with as he cycles along – it sure is difficult to keep up with him while just walking!