Hayden and Layla's Place

Layla’s Sleeping Buddy March 13, 2014

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Abbey has been sleeping in Layla’s room at night, which is soooo cute.  We had trouble for a while with Layla getting out of bed before she fell asleep, thinking of a million excuses ranging from needing to potty to something hurting to being thirsty.  Abbey started cuddling up during reading time before bed, and we started encouraging Layla to be quiet and still after the book was over so as not to disturb Abbey.  Low and behold, Abbey stayed and that really helped to break that bad habit of Layla’s of getting out of bed.  Even when Abbey doesn’t come straight in (Layla accepts that sometimes Abbey is having dinner at bedtime), Layla is still pretty good at staying in bed now – waiting for her. 🙂

It’s really sweet to go check on her later in the evening and see Abbey curled up next to Layla, with Layla’s hand still on her where she’d fallen asleep petting her.


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