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Thank You So Much! January 21, 2013

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Layla has been saying, “Thank you so much!” lately, most often when we give her fruit after dinner.  We’ll bring the fruit to her and she’ll give a little gasp and say, “Thank you so much!” and seem genuinely grateful.  It doesn’t make for a very long blog, but it is very sweet and funny in person!


Reunited January 14, 2013

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Our friends Rich and Anita have moved from England to our town, Carmel, IN!  They were our best friends when we lived in England, and now after 6+ years we are finally living in the same town, and this time each couple has a pair of kids.  John and I are so excited about them being here, but what is even better is how excited the kids are about each other.

Yesterday we invited them around to ours for a few hours.  We knew their things are in the process of being shipped, which will take 6-8 weeks.  They currently only have rental furniture and the things they were able to bring with them on their flight over.  So, John and I got a big plastic container and asked the kids to help us go through their toys for Josh and Sophie to borrow while they waited on their toys to arrive.  I wondered if we would get complaints about giving up some toys, but we were so happy to see them both really getting into filling up the box, even with toys we know they really love.  We even stopped them a couple of times from putting in a favorite – Hayden took heed but Layla was very insistent on a few of her favorites going in the box.

They had a ball playing together when they all came over, and at the end Josh and Hayden were telling each other that they were their best friends.  It was so sweet.  This morning Hayden said about 5 or 6 times how excited he was that he was going to see Josh again soon.  It’s especially great that Hayden is so happy about his new friends, as he typically doesn’t get all that excited about his peers.


L-a-y-l-a December 17, 2012

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Layla’s teachers have been working on teaching the kids to spell their names.  Here is Layla  spelling hers.  It’s like a Salvidor Dali painting – try to figure out where it starts and ends!


Miss Independent December 6, 2012

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Layla is such an independent little lady.  She really wants to do things by herself, and it’s funny because I remember being like that when I was little, and I’ve always thought Hayden would get to that point but he never really has.  He would have been quite happy to let us do everything for him all the time – feed him, dress him, bathe him, etc etc.  Layla on the other hand, has got it covered.  She has done absolutely brilliantly with her potty training, and now she even wants to do all that herself.  If we go to a public restroom (and boy do we ever – she wants to see them all it seems), she will push me out of the stall and lock it.  The first couple of times I was pretty nervous about this – mostly that she wouldn’t know how to unlock the door, but now I know she’s got it covered.

At home she is varying between using the little training potties which require dumping the pee-pees into the toilet after use and going in the big potty.  Last weekend I was gone for a (very quick, unsuccessful, due to not being able to shake this darn cough) run and John was in the shower.  When I came home I could hear John praising her because while he was showering she’d gone potty in her Minnie potty, dumped the pee-pees in the toilet, and was washing out the little bowl in the sink.  What a star!

She also likes to bathe herself.  We’ve been coaching Hayden for months now on how to bathe himself, and she follows along with our instructions and refuses to let us help her.

She also has been cracking me up because lately we’ll be reading and she’ll need to go do something, and she’ll hold her hand up to me and say, “I’ll be right back, don’t finish it yet.”  Darn Layla, I was really looking forward to the end of this page turner where they show a picture of an object and put the word of the object underneath it.  What could be next, an orange?!  I did NOT see that coming!


Minnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiieeeeeee!! November 14, 2012

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Lately when Layla is upset and crying, she will call out for Minnie.  She’ll get in trouble, for instance, and start crying, “Miiiiiinnnnnnnnniiiiiiiieeeeeee.”  She’ll also call out for “Baby” if that was what she was playing with last.  She did that this morning when she was upset from hurting her finger: “Baaaaaabbbbbbyyyyyy.”  It’s pretty cute, and nice that she has things that give her comfort.  It also makes for good bargaining chips.  The other day she was being rotten and wouldn’t say she was sorry for trying to bite me while I got her dressed (something that, fortunately, has not reared it’s ugly head much recently but we have had to deal with in the past).  I put her in her crib to give her time to calm down, but she still wouldn’t say she was sorry.  Finally I told her I would take all her bed toys away if she didn’t say sorry, and she still wouldn’t so up onto a high shelf in her closet they all went.  She was really upset about that (she sleeps with approximately a million dolls, stuffed animals, various pillows, 2 quilts….), but since then I have been able to get her to pay attention by telling her I will take them away again if she doesn’t [fill in the blank].  She did eventually say she was sorry that morning, by the way, but is was the quietest sorry I ever (barely) heard.


Feed Me! October 31, 2012

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Layla is traditionally more independent than Hayden was at her age (or would like to be now, if we didn’t push him to do things for himself).  I’m sure being the little sister has a lot to do with it – seeing her big brother doing things and she wants to do them for herself, too.  For instance, we are currently trying to help Hayden learn how to bathe himself.  We have to talk him through what to do in what order, and Layla just follows right along as we tell Hayden what it’s time to do next.

However, for all her independence she has suddenly decided that she wants to be fed.  She will just sit there not eating and say, “Mommy, feed me.” Sometimes I’m able to distract her into doing it herself by doing various things in the kitchen which prevent me from sitting down, but oftentimes I get drawn in and end up helping her some.  I feel like it’s just a little phase that will pass so I don’t see too much harm in indulging her sometimes.  As John said last time we talked about it, we (mostly he 😉 ) fed Hayden until he was 4 as he could get him to eat a lot more that way.  Hopefully we aren’t gearing up for a similar problem with her!  She can definitely be stubborn so hopefully this is not something we have to stand our ground on later.


Potty Time August 15, 2012

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Layla has been making some good progress with the potty.  We haven’t pulled the trigger on properly training her yet (didn’t really feel that would be fair on a high school babysitter), but I think she will be ready really soon.  She’s done quite a few poo poos on her Minnie potty before bath time.  John must have some sort of magic touch because I haven’t been able to get her to go on my watch, but he gets pretty consistent results (which really is ok at the moment since the person on potty patrol is naturally the cleaner-upper – ha!).  She also pee pees every couple of days on her potty.  I predict (and HOPE!) she will be good at proper potty training.  We had a long struggle with Hayden in this area, so I am hoping we paid our dues! 🙂