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New Baby Pool May 10, 2010

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We figured it’s time to start the book up on when our little boy/girl will get born, what he/she will be, and how heavy he/she will be.   Here’s how it works:

Lowest score will win.  Wrong sex will cost 5pts.  Every day away from the date will cost 2pts.  Every 6ozs either side of the birth weight will cost an additional 1 pt.  Time of birth will be used as a tie breaker, if necessary.

You can guess by either adding a comment to this post with your details (sex, dob, weight, time of birth) or by sending an email to Kara or John with the same details.

Cost is $5 and winner takes all (minus any fees we incur collecting the money) .  US folks can either use paypal (click on send money, use John’s email address and select personal and gift) or send us a cheque.  UK peeps can use PayPal (as above, just make sure you select US $ as the currency) and we’ll make sure you get the winnings converted into pounds if you win.  Please be prompt with your payment after your guess so we don’t have to chase people down!

Some info on Hayden in case this helps:

He was due on the August 8th and was born on August 3rd 2007 at 09:38 am.  Kara had to have a cesarean because he was upside down (breech); she did not go into labor.  His weight was 7lbs 4oz and height 20 1/2 inches.

For this baby Kara is convinced it’s a girl, I’m convinced it’s a boy.   You can see the scan pictures here in case they help.  Due date is June 3rd.  Kara had her 36 week appointment on May 7, and she was 80% effaced and 1 cm dilated.

Below is the latest table of bets:

Name Boy/Girl Date of Birth Weight (lbs) Time of birth Paid
John (daddy!) Boy 31 May 7lbs 7oz 1am y
Kara (mummy!) Girl 6 June 8lbs 6oz 7pm y
Faith “Girl for sure” 1 June 8lbs 9 oz 10am y
Granddad Jim Boy 4 June 8lbs 4 oz 11am y
Jean Boy 4 June 7lbs 6 oz 11pm y
The Wu’s Boy 29th May 8lbs 3oz 8pm y
Hollie and Brett Boy 31st May 8lbs 2oz 9:15am y
Steph Girl 30th May 7lbs 11oz 2pm y
Mandy Girl 2nd June 7lbs 8oz 4:30pm y
Mike Girl 2nd June 6lbs 11oz 6:52pm y
Nanny Mad Boy 2nd June 8lbs 6oz 5:25pm not yet
Jackson Girl 2nd June 6lbs 4oz 9am not yet
Grandpaman Girl Without Doubt! 5th June 7lbs 4oz 1:30pm y
GrammaG Girl 28th May 7lbs 10oz 5:30pm y
Grandpa Boy 6th June 7lbs 9oz 11am y
Grandma Girl 1st June 7lbs 2oz 12:38pm y
Kim Girl 6th June 8lbs 3oz 8:10pm y
Great Grandma Jane Boy 27th May 8lbs 0oz 4:15am y
Great Grandpa Dave Girl 4th June 8lbs 2oz 2pm y
Marianne Girl (“Defo”) 23rd May 7lbs 9oz 8:34pm y
Auntie Michelle Boy 4th June 8lbs 6oz 5am y

New Blog Home…. A New Look And Feel…. July 7, 2009

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Out with the old and in with the new…..

As much as we love the old Hayden blog and gallery we have decided to move to an online hosted blog through WordPress for reasons of just saving money and wanted more flexibility with the pictures.  It’s the same software that we were using before but it has some enhancements and also some restrictions.  It has more controls on what we can do (i.e. we can’t link the headers to external sites) but it’s easy to use and we think the template we are using is pretty cool!!

haydenplaceIt means you’ll need to update any RSS feeds you had set up.  Probably also want to change your bookmarks unless you had the root domain (www.haydengoodwin.com) bookmarked which should still bring you back here..

We’ve also moved the Gallery to use Flickr.  This is probably the most popular online photo sharing network, and it’s easy (for people in the US at least) to print your pictures.  You can also download, comment and share the pictures easily.

Let us know what you think!!