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Brummy accent? September 20, 2012

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Recently Hayden has started talking like he is from Birmingham. He has suddenly started putting U’s in words instead of A’s or I’s. A few example:
Dad, can we play curds? (card)
Mum, is that a burd? (bird)
This table is hurd. (hard)
Can we go in daddy’s kurr? (car)
Look daddy there’s a stur. (star)

We have no idea where it came from!  He has never even been to Birmingham!


Well I say… December 29, 2011

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Hayden has started to realize that he and I talk differently. There be certain word that he will already say with an American accent and I’ll tell him that that I say it like this “fill in stylish English accent” and then he’ll tell me how he says it. Well this was kind of funny a few nights back when I was reading with him… The word in case was envelope. It was a sesame street ABC book and we were on the letter E. He goes “on-vel-lope”. I tell him it’s “end vel lope”. He then corrects me that it must be “on-vel-lope” because that starts with an E and “end vel lope” starts with an N! Getting corrected by a four year old – ouch!

One of my favorites though that has nothing to do with our culture differences is X-Ray. Because there are so few words beginning with an X you’ll be surprised how often this comes up in ABC books! Anyway, instead of x-ray he says “x-er-ray”. I tried to correct him once but he put me back in my place and told me that while I might say “x-ray” he says “x-er-ray” and that was the end of that!