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The big blog December 30, 2011

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I have slacked a lot with my blog writing of late and thought its time I just rambled a bunch of stuff in one blog to try and catch up so this is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff primary on Layla (because the few blogs I have done have generally been on Hayden).

Layla is becoming a big chatterbox.  Her vocabulary is developing by the day.  She is starting to join some words together and in general seems to be able to communicate well with us.  She certainly understands a lot and knows how to communicate basic yes and no commands to us.  The no is typically a very dramatic shake of her every growing hair which is adorably cute.  She hasn’t mastered her own name or Hayden’s yet, but knows important stuff like baby, mine, apple, banana (nana), mumma, dadda,  juice, more, etc.   Basically she gets what she wants with these words 🙂

Layla is showing to be a real lady. She just loves walking around with a bag or purse on her shoulder. It looks like she is out shopping all the time.  She is also completely obsessed by her babies.  She has to be carrying them around most of the time (not one, but at least two, and a blanket, and some bottles for them).  It’s funny sometimes when you come into her bedroom when she’s waking up, and she’ll already have all her babies accumulated up and be carrying them waiting for us to lift her out of the crib.   But she just  loves babies, for Christ,mas she got a stroller and also a toy crib and high chair and she also makes sure her babies get full use of her baby accessories!   If her babies are out of reach though we hear about it, she will screech ” BABEEE” over and over again until we do something about it!

If I tell her go crazy she does a very cool crazy shake similar to what Hayden used to do.  It’s very impactful with Layla because of all her hair.  She would make a great rock chick!   Talking of her hair – it’s a good job Kara is always here to repair my feeble attempts at pig tails or pony tails.  I just don’t think it’s my DNA to figure that out!  Her hair is great thought and continues to grow so Kara can give her a different hair style everyday.  I can see the days of the future where they spend hours braiding or plating their hair together.

Layla loves the dogs (and Abbey to be fair.)  Whenever she is close to any of the animals she will lower her head and give them a kiss, or a cuddle, or try to go for a ride (dogs don’t always appreciate the last one, and often get straight up which sends her flying!).  She is forever just laying down with them, and generally loving on them.  It’s nice to see.   Especially Stella (which is Larry and Gretchen’s new puppy).  Layla and Stella are just best friends and are always running around together and following each other.

Now Layla is clearly no Hayden Mark II.   It’s funny that we spend all this time blogging and we never go back and look at those blogs, but it just feels like she is so different to him in personality.  Once she gets warmed up (she can start very shy, especially if her mum is around) she is very confident and likes to own the room.  She knows what she wants and is very assertive to take it.  If someone messes with her, or takes something away from her, she will make her feelings know (whether it’s a bite, push, verbal assault – whatever it takes!).   But she does share some attributes of Hayden.  She understands jokes, and loves being funny.  She is very loving to us.  Love her bed toys.  Is a pretty good eater and an excellent sleeper.

Layla also really knows how to shake her booty!  Every time there is music out playing she will just break into her own little dance, that largely involves ducking down her shoulders some (a move I’m convinced she must have learned from me as that was how Kara always made fun of me dancing!) and sticking her bottom and literally shaking it from side to side!    Very funny.


Squeaker! June 5, 2010

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Layla is a really beautiful little girl.  She smiles a lot (often in her sleep so hopefully she’s having happy dreams about milk and princesses), sleeps a lot, eats a lot.  She hardly ever seems to cry, but when she does it’s more a little squeak.  It is really cute, so I’ve taken to calling her squeaker as my nickname for her.  My squeaker is so precious – if you’re local and haven’t popped in to say hello yet make sure you do so soon!! If you’re  a bit further afield then web cams where created for a reason!!

I appreciate as her lungs develop some strength this will probably all change!!  So I better make the most of it!!


Big Brother!! May 31, 2010

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As promised my next post would be about how good Hayden’s been with Layla.  There is no easy way to prepare a two year old for baby coming home and we had talked to him about the baby for a while and also Kara had been taking him to see the babies at daycare, but I don’ think he ever understood what was going to happen once the baby was born.

Overall I think he adjusted really well.  Just after she was born he was talking about going to target and buying her a toy.  (he wanted to get her Chick Hicks!  not sure that is her idea of a perfect toy!)

Just the other day I was sitting close to him when he was playing and he turn to me and said “I want to carry the baby over and get her toys and play toys with her”.  Seperate occasion he was playing with his toys and looked over and said “I want the baby to play with this toy and hayden play with this toy”.  He has hasn’t quite realized that the baby can’t play toys yet, but it’s real nice that he wants to involve her!

Everyone has been great with getting Hayden presents for everyone that Layla gets so I think that’s helping a bit.

I think he is going to grow up to be a fantastic big brother.


I want the baby to go away May 29, 2010

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We knew it would come, and on the first day we got Layla home we were outside playing and Hayden wanted me to do something, think it was play monster trucks or something.  I said that I couldn’t right now, and Hayden looked at me, looked at Layla told me “I want the baby to go away!”.  It was so sad but completely understandable.  Poor little guy is adjusting!!

Since then I was on the couch holding Layla and Hayden wanted to play on the couch with his cars.  He looked at Layla and told me that he wanted the baby to go over there.   He’s also said “I want the baby go back to the bed!”.  To be honest he kicks Kara and me off from time to time!!

I’m being a little unfair highlighting these things as he’s actually been fantastic since Layla’s birth, so the next post will be all about how he is the BEST big brother in the world (obviously tied with Dusty!! especially when Dusty makes Kara hit herself – that is funny!!!)


Honey, I think my waters broke?

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Famous words right!  But as we were heading to bed on Thursday May 20th those were the words of my lovely wife.  It was exactly two weeks before the due date, and an early baby had never really entered my mind, and I didn’t really accept what she was telling me.  I figured this was just one of those false labor signs or something and when she called the hospital either they would tell us not to come in, or just send us home once we got there. Well apparently I was wrong….. The water breaks you are coming in and you are having a baby within the next day or so.

We called in Grandma to take care of Hayden, we were both pretty calm considering (I think for me mainly because I was in denial!).  Kara took a shower and I got everything ready and loaded up the car.  Got to the hospital and checked in and got our room after a short stint in the triage room.  It was all a little surreal and unexpected for me.  With Hayden’s birth we went into the triage room, and after the attempt to shift him from his breach position, it was straight to the cesarean.  So this was new territory.  I think the reason for the surreal feelings were more related to the fact I was still in denial that there was a baby coming sometime soon!!  It was also strange because Kara wasn’t getting any contractions yet!!

We were both getting pretty tired and as nothing was really happening we tried to get some rest, but it seemed every time we laid down a nurse would come in and check something.  I think Kara got a little bit of sleep but I’m a terrible sleeper outside of my bed so nothing for me, which I would regret later!  It didn’t take too long for Kara’s contractions to start and then sleep was out of the question.  I felt pretty useless early on.  It was obvious she could pretty just shake these contractions off with a little bit of breathing so I tried to offer up the odd hair tickle and back massage.

I’m not sure at what point the change happened but there become a clear point at which Kara suddenly started to really feel things and then I started to get really really useless.  I wanted to help and kept asking what I could do, where I could put pressure, and try to help with the breathing but I seemed to forget everything I’d read in my book!  Luckily Kara was a rock star and toughed out a lot of pain.  It’s hard seeing her in such pain though, it’s a real bitter sweet thing.  You know the pain means progress, but it seemed to just sap all her energy and hard to watch.  I have nothing to compare it with, and I don’t know how it feels, but I know for sure it hurts a lot!!    Because of the time of the water breaking (10.30pm) we missed a night’s sleep and I could see that Kara was starting to get really tired and low on energy.  I think it was the right thing to do when she asked for the epidural, it was a shame it took probably 30 minutes from asking for it, until when it started to take effect as those seemed the toughest and most painful contractions of the lot.  At that point she was somewhere around the 8cm dilated mark. I was very proud of her.

As soon as the drugs kicked in the difference was unbelievable.  To the point where she took a 90 minute nap!!  It was funny watching her sleep and then see on the monitor she was having large contractions.  The contrasts is amazing!  The next thing we knew the nurse woke up Kara, checked her, and it was time to push!!  That last hour or two just slipped away and now the baby was ready.

Kara was a natural at the pushing.  It seemed to be over so quickly and suddenly we had Layla!!  I can’t believe I’m going to put this in writing but as soon as she was born I was so convinced that it was Hayden mark two.  All that hair and it just looked like him.  I automatically thought she was a boy and said that she looked like a boy.  When Dr Moon tipped her over and told me/showed me it was a girl I almost hit the floor.  I was overjoyed but just shocked.  We had gone back and forth about finding out, but I’m so glad we didn’t.

With Hayden because he was breached we were unfortunate that Kara had to have a cesarean.  I say unfortunate, there is nothing  unfortunate about Hayden and Kara’s doctor is fantastic and cesarean was a big success, just because Kara really wanted to have that “birth experience”, and as I realized after Layla’s birth so did I!!  There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like seeing your princess give birth to another little princess.  Seeing Layla being born is something that will never ever leave me.  I also feel so privileged to be a part of the birth.   Obviously Kara did all the hard work, but I was at least able to help and support and be real close, and really felt a part of it, something you lose with the cesarean.  I can’t imagine what it would have been liked in the old days when I couldn’t be there.  I wouldn’t want to have missed this for the world.  My wife is a rock star, and Layla is a true little princess!


New Baby Pool May 10, 2010

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We figured it’s time to start the book up on when our little boy/girl will get born, what he/she will be, and how heavy he/she will be.   Here’s how it works:

Lowest score will win.  Wrong sex will cost 5pts.  Every day away from the date will cost 2pts.  Every 6ozs either side of the birth weight will cost an additional 1 pt.  Time of birth will be used as a tie breaker, if necessary.

You can guess by either adding a comment to this post with your details (sex, dob, weight, time of birth) or by sending an email to Kara or John with the same details.

Cost is $5 and winner takes all (minus any fees we incur collecting the money) .  US folks can either use paypal (click on send money, use John’s email address and select personal and gift) or send us a cheque.  UK peeps can use PayPal (as above, just make sure you select US $ as the currency) and we’ll make sure you get the winnings converted into pounds if you win.  Please be prompt with your payment after your guess so we don’t have to chase people down!

Some info on Hayden in case this helps:

He was due on the August 8th and was born on August 3rd 2007 at 09:38 am.  Kara had to have a cesarean because he was upside down (breech); she did not go into labor.  His weight was 7lbs 4oz and height 20 1/2 inches.

For this baby Kara is convinced it’s a girl, I’m convinced it’s a boy.   You can see the scan pictures here in case they help.  Due date is June 3rd.  Kara had her 36 week appointment on May 7, and she was 80% effaced and 1 cm dilated.

Below is the latest table of bets:

Name Boy/Girl Date of Birth Weight (lbs) Time of birth Paid
John (daddy!) Boy 31 May 7lbs 7oz 1am y
Kara (mummy!) Girl 6 June 8lbs 6oz 7pm y
Faith “Girl for sure” 1 June 8lbs 9 oz 10am y
Granddad Jim Boy 4 June 8lbs 4 oz 11am y
Jean Boy 4 June 7lbs 6 oz 11pm y
The Wu’s Boy 29th May 8lbs 3oz 8pm y
Hollie and Brett Boy 31st May 8lbs 2oz 9:15am y
Steph Girl 30th May 7lbs 11oz 2pm y
Mandy Girl 2nd June 7lbs 8oz 4:30pm y
Mike Girl 2nd June 6lbs 11oz 6:52pm y
Nanny Mad Boy 2nd June 8lbs 6oz 5:25pm not yet
Jackson Girl 2nd June 6lbs 4oz 9am not yet
Grandpaman Girl Without Doubt! 5th June 7lbs 4oz 1:30pm y
GrammaG Girl 28th May 7lbs 10oz 5:30pm y
Grandpa Boy 6th June 7lbs 9oz 11am y
Grandma Girl 1st June 7lbs 2oz 12:38pm y
Kim Girl 6th June 8lbs 3oz 8:10pm y
Great Grandma Jane Boy 27th May 8lbs 0oz 4:15am y
Great Grandpa Dave Girl 4th June 8lbs 2oz 2pm y
Marianne Girl (“Defo”) 23rd May 7lbs 9oz 8:34pm y
Auntie Michelle Boy 4th June 8lbs 6oz 5am y