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Weirdo Week – Water World March 3, 2011

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This has just been a crazy, water-filled week!  The water theme started with Hayden and Layla taking their first bath together on Sunday – that was just too cute.  Hayden was good about sharing bath toys with Layla and was really excited that the time is finally starting that they get to do things together that are verging on playing like that.

Overnight on Sunday we had a huge storm.  Hayden even woke up crying because of the lightning, and I can’t remember him ever doing that before.  He was fine once I went in there and talked to him about it, though.  We didn’t hear from him again, even though the thunder got much worse afterwards.

John got a rowing machine for Christmas, and most weekdays he starts his day by doing some rowing.  Monday morning he got up to go row in the basement, and as he stepped down the stairs in his sleepy state it took him a moment to realize he was standing in (very cold!) water that had worked its way into our basement.  What a way to start an early Monday morning!  We called insurance to make a claim, called the water restoration company, and called the plumber.  The plumber came after about 1 1/2 hours and we found that the sump pump AND the backup sump pump had to be replaced.  Once those were fixed the water quickly started draining away, but we still had to have the restoration people come even though we just have ceramic tile in the basement (luckily not carpet) to dry out the insulation in the walls so mold won’t grow.  That process involves them removing baseboards and drilling into the wall to get to the insulation, and then industrial fans going for 3 days. Thank goodness John happened to go to the basement when he did, otherwise we sometimes go days without going down there so who knows how long we might have had water down there and not realized!

Sunday I had noticed a little leak in our kitchen faucet, so while the plumber was working on the sump pump I asked him if he could take a look at the faucet.  While inspecting it, he moved the faucet neck around a bit and he must have knocked something loose because what had been a little leak became a big spray anytime that faucet is used.  I had to go pick out a new faucet last night so he can come install it sometime today.

I’ve also had some non-water related non-typical things happen this week.  The team leader on my account at work is being rolled off, so that made for a bit of drama yesterday and is a fairly big change in my world.  I found that out and then about 2 hours later went to pick up Hayden where I found out 2 teachers there had been let go due to some “incident,” which I haven’t been able to find out what that was even though I’ve (subtly) asked three people.  They were both people I would never expect to be involved in something that would get them fired!  And then another big thing this week was Layla went to day care 2 days this week.  I typically keep her home with me while I work (she sleeps about 1/2 the time and when she’s awake I sit on the floor next to her with my laptop while she plays – she’s not crawling or walking yet so she doesn’t need to be chased!) but this week I had 2 days of client meetings and I thought it would be better if she wasn’t home for those.  I’ve missed her while she’s been gone.  She had a hard time Monday.  I knew she wouldn’t drink much because she has never taken a bottle well, and that held true.  She also didn’t sleep much; I guess she got about 30 – 40 minutes all day.  I feel like it took her until when she woke up this morning to really recover from the missed sleep – of course, just in time for her to go back in today and mess up her sleep again!  She’ll be back home with me again next week.  I know she’ll need to go to day care regularly at some point, but I’m glad I have a little more time left with her before then!


Again and again and again February 5, 2010

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They say repetition is good and common for a 2 year old. They like to understand how things work so they will repeat things over and over. I got to experience this first hand yesterday at Hayden’s bath time.

We had used up the last of his bubble bath so i threw the container in the bath with him so he could play with it. Immediately he started to play by filling it up. Then he would realize “there more bubbles in it”. I’d go “there more bubbles in there?” and he would reply “yeah”. Then he pours out the water, fills it back and “there more bubbles in it”. I’d go “there more bubbles in there?” and he would reply “yeah”. and then he pours out the water, fills it back and “there more bubbles in it”. I’d go “there more bubbles in there?” and he would reply “yeah” and then….

This happened about 25 times in a row!!  Bath next day – we went through it all again!  I can see the TeleTubbies were on to something…. “again, again, again”…


Bath Time December 18, 2008

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I thought it was time to give an update on bath time with Hayden.  As mentioned before this is my time, and when I get to spend some quality time with Hayden.  I’m pretty lucky because nine times out of ten he loves bath time!  (I try to make that other one time the time when Kara does it!! haha.. just kidding…)  I normally try pretty hard to get him in a good mood and laughing on the way up the stairs.  Normally just looking at my face works, or the latest thing is I do a Doctor Evil (Austin Powers) laugh and he thinks that is as funny as people throwing shoes at George Bush!  (i.e. Very!)

He helps me run the bath, he loves putting his arm under the tap as it’s running so that keeps him out of trouble and then we grab the towel, ditch the clothes and he jumps (well kind of) into the Bath.  He now has Rubber ducks on the bottom of the bath to help him get some grip and lots and lots of toys. His favorite are these foam cars which he plays with for hours.  Well actually what happens is he picks one out of the bath, says something to me and gives it to me, i make car noises and pretend that the car is moving around the bath, and then put the car back, he then finds another foam car, says something to me, and gives me the foam car and the process starts again, and again, and again 😀  I make brilliant police car sirens…

About a week ago his permament transition to the big boy bath was complete.  He now doesn’t do the baby bath (after all that is for babies and Hayden is a little man now).  This means when he is getting his hair washed he has to lie down in the bath, this is hilarious because 1) he has so much hair it just floats all around his head and looks really funny, and 2) he lays there like someone has paralyzed him.  Doesn’t cry,, doesn’t move, just lies there like he is playing sleeping lions.  It is the only time ever that he stays still for more than one second!


There’s Something Down There! February 17, 2008

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As of the last week, during bath time, Hayden has gotten a little less interested in his bath toys and has found a toy of his own!! I’m not sure he had realised there was something down there attached to him before now!! Now he is fascinated by it! Kara told me it’s important to encourage him and not tell him off as that will give him a complex when he’s older! So I’ve been smiling and laughing with him, trying to get him back interested in his rubber duckie!

Sorry Hayden if you ever read this – I guess I’ve just embarrassed you, again!! 🙂


Daddy’s Thoughts January 21, 2008

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Kara stole most of the cool things that have recently happened but I felt I ought to blog and write about munchkin.  He has started to become quite serious this week.  He is starting to get content sometimes to just sit and stare at things.  Today for example he was just looking at my face like it was the most interesting thing in the world, normally he just laughs when he looks at my face!!  He is still addicted to TV.  Especially any football which is great news for me as I’ve got a good excuse to watch it!! 🙂

I like to teach him to be tough and typically give him little or no sympathy when he fusses but I must admit with all his teething this week I have really felt for him.  You can see his little toother that has come through and see there are two or three more pushing through and really hurting him!  Poor little fella!!  He still loves bath time though!! and that’s my time!!  He can be really moody – but get him the bath and everything changes to happiness!! 😀


Bathtime! November 10, 2007

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We have got Hayden into a routine now.  He gets a bath around 6.15 each night, he eats and is then rocked to sleep around 7pm.  He then wants feeding around 11pm, 4am, 7am and then up at 9am.  We are very happy with his new routine!  Bathtime is my piece – Kara tends to take care of the rest!

Bathtime is the best.  Hayden likes to splash around lots with both his arms and legs.  He loves bathtime.  He smiles all the time and we have lots of fun and I normally end up as wet as he does!  Until I get him out of the bath – then he cries and I hand him to his mum!! 🙂


Talented October 29, 2007

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Hayden has the ability now to do two things at once.  One of these two things tends to be pooping or farting, but he can smile, hip-cup or cough all at the same time as filling up his nappy.  I am obviously incredibly proud of his new skill.

The other big change in Hayden recently is that he will start to follow you with his eyes.  Up to now he has been randomly looking around, often just staring into space,  but now i can walk into the room and he’ll see me and start to follow me around.  That’s pretty simple, but also pretty cool.

He loves water.  He’s started splashing lots now, and he smiles and thinks it’s funny.  Can’t wait for next year when I can get him into the pool.

Hayden is preparing for his first Halloween.  Halloween is a big deal over here so it starts basically at the beginning of Oct and continues throughout.  Me and Hayden are going out trick or treating on Wednesday so I’ll update after that!

Still really miss Jude.