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The not quite as big blog – (on Hayden this time) December 31, 2011

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As usual Hayden continues to crack us up on a daily basis so I also needed to go a quick aggregation of some of his new adventures.

When he’s eating he’ll demand that I watch him eat something.  Daddy watch me eat this cracker, daddy watch me eat this apple, etc.  No idea why, but it’s kind of funny.

Hayden is getting very expressive with his facial features and his hand gestures when he talks.  He does this changing the light blub like gesture (vs. Coldplay dancing) with his hand when he’s saying stuff.  It feel very philosophical!

He loves going on bike rides right now, even though it’s cold.  The other day he even chose a bike ride over playing video games!   He still has his training wheels but we’ll work on that in the spring.  He likes going really fast and is starting to get a good sense of balance but the use of the brake is still very optional but at least he normally takes his foot off the pedal so when he crashes it had less impact.  He has also worked out to head towards the grass if he loses control.  He doesn’t really care if he crashes so that also help.

He is getting over apologetic!  He’ll say “Oh sorry” about 50 times a day right now and I’ve spotted a couple of themes.  Firstly nothing is his fault!  If he knocks something over then “oh sorry it wasn’t my fault it just did it all on its own”.  Secondly he never meant it.  So if we are just correcting him, something simple like can you hand me the yellow pen and he gives me an orange one, “oh sorry, I didn’t mean to.”  It’s funny.

The other thing that is new with Hayden is that everything is cool or silly or funny Daddy.   I’ll try to give an example conversations.  “Daddy I want to eat my cupcake with my eyes closed as wouldn’t that be silly daddy.  It would be so funny.  And if I did that I might drop it and it would break on the floor and that would be super silly daddy.  And maybe the cupcake would have green on it and that would be really cool wouldn’t it daddy.”

I’ve noticed recently that Hayden also has three running styles.  One which is full out running.  Used for example at a bounce place where he is really excited.  Two is the skip.  He does this when he is really not that interested inn what he’s doing and generally in la-la land.  Three is the shuffle.  When he kind of glides across the floor like he is ice skating on tip toes.  Generally reserved for when he is really excited about something and is generally accompanied by a giddy expression.



Getting Outside March 6, 2011

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It’s always this time of the year when we get a few days when we can finally get outside and it’s not -15C and covered in snow.  Those first few days are great for Hayden because all those outside toys have been out of reach for so long.  He wants to get every toy possible out in as short as possible time frame!  So last weekend was a good example of that.  We started with Cricket (his first time!) and he showed that he defiantly has some David Gower left hand elegance.  Then on to Baseball, a little bit of Football (“soccer”) mixed in, some “Stomp Rocket”, Monster Truck jumps, basketball, etc.  He was loving it!!

Last year for his birthday we bought him a bike.  He wasn’t quite into it at the time, he was still enjoying his tricycle too much and the shift to the bike was a step too far for him at the time.  Well already this year he is showing more interest in his bike (which is good because his tricycle is worn out and has big holes in the wheels!).  So I put him on it to see how he would get on.  At first he wouldn’t go anywhere if I wasn’t right behind him holding him.  He was also so busy watching his feet he gave up on steering and kept running into things.  Gradually he got some confidence and started to understand the idea of steering.   After about 10 minutes of going in circles I talked him into cycling over to the neighbors house out on the main pavement.  I wasn’t thinking he was going to be this bold already!  Then he wanted me to hold the saddle instead of him, getting braver…  then after we got back to the driveway and a few more circles he didn’t want me to hold him at all!!! I was really impressed and proud how quickly he advanced and how brave he was!!  The challenge we’ll probably have now is he’ll get quicker and quicker and I’m going to have to get fitter and fitter just to keep up with him on the walks!!  I’m sure the dogs will be happy though!!