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Colors (Mommy Say It) July 25, 2012

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Layla has been really interested in colors lately.  You can ask her what color anything is and she will tell you!  She’ll tell you yellow, whether or not it is, but yellow IS a color, and maybe a stop sign is really yellow and everyone else is wrong.  🙂

She loves asking what different colors are, but what is funny is she will be on a roll giving (mostly incorrect) answers to different objects.  Then I’ll ask her what the color is of something else and she’ll look at me with a smile and say, “Mommy say it.”  That’s a pretty good indication that she is done with the color game.  She does this with other things that she doesn’t know the answer to, like if we are looking in a book and I ask her what something is that she doesn’t know: “Mommy say it.”  (Stream of consciousness: not really related to the topic at hand but what is also funny is when we are looking in a book, she loves to point to something and have me say the wrong word/name for it, then she will say, “nooooo,” and I will say, “What is it?” and she will tell me what/who it is.)


Layla and her books June 20, 2012

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Layla has been loving being read to lately.  She’ll grab a book and come snuggle into one of our laps to be read to.  She does NOT appreciate any attempts to multitask!  In the morning, I will take her downstairs with me and she will play while I log in to start work.  When she comes to sit in my lap to read, usually I will spend most of the time reading, but I might click on a new email when it comes in to stay on top of work.  All I have to do is move my hand in the general direction of my computer, and she will grab my finger, say, “Mommy, no,” and point my finger onto the book and ask, “Mommy what’s this?”  She’ll keep hold of my finger and keep pointing it to different things in the book asking what they are (even when she knows perfectly well what they are).  It is very funny!  It does not help me to the goal I share with all working mothers of growing children – to do everything at once all the time – but it does make me laugh.  John and I say it all the time: The girl knows what she wants, that is for sure! 🙂

Lately she’s been really into this Elmo book that plays music.  It’s got board book pages and then buttons down the right side that play music relating to the various pages.  She’s playing with this a lot, and last night while John was reading to the kids before bed I could hear him through the monitor singing the songs in that book with them, and I was laughing to myself because I had the very song in my head that he was singing.  Then I went to pick up the toys in the family room and I saw the book they were reading/singing to on the floor in front of me.  Apparently we have 2 of that particular book – no wonder she is able to get so much play time with it!