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No Mummy’s Car May 24, 2012

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There is something about the kids and my car.  Kara will tell you it’s because it is what she sees as a complete mess of stuff on the floor in the back, where the kids see it as a treasure chest of cool toys and stuff.   I think for Layla is actually happened because we changed her seat to face forwards in my car first and she loved it and from then on she seemed to voice a preference for it.  I can’t remember why Hayden liked it but whenever we are going anywhere they will want to go in “daddy’s car” (or “dada car” for Layla).   Recently Layla has been very certain about this, just the slightest hint that we are going somewhere and she will belt out “no mummy’s car, dada’s car, NO MUMMY’S CAR” and so on.   She is a girl who knows what she wants and she will certainly tell you about it too!

Observant or just a genius.. May 17, 2009

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We all think our children are geniuses of course.  Well in Hayden’s case it is actually true 🙂

We were playing around outside of a restaurant waiting for Kara, we were actually standing on some old railway tracks so Hayden was busy going “chooo chooo” (his explanation for a train obviously) and he’d just got off my shoulders after running around doing a Indiana Jones impression (“da da da da-da, da, da da da” etc – he is actually pretty good at it!).  Then a truck went past on the road, about 100 yards away or so.  He announces the truck as usual – “Truct”.. then a blue Prius goes by and he shouts out “Mummy!”.  Now I’ll explain why he’s so clever.  Kara has a silver Prius.  The Pruis is not that distinctive, from a distance it looks like any other silver car.   I’ve not seen him do this to any other car.  So somehow he recognized the exact car model of his mum’s car from a hundred yards, and the fact it was a different color didn’t perplex him.  Personally I was pretty impressed.


Scotty October 10, 2007

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Scotty’s been and somehow he managed to leave without being pooped on or peed on.  Scott was thrilled to be here as he finally found someone smaller than him!! haha.  Sorry Scotty!!!  In fact it was great to have Scotty here.  A great excuse to great drunk, play some golf and go to another Colts game!  It reminds you how much it sucks not to have your friends around and accessible.

Hayden is still going through his fussy period, but he is also learning to sleep for longer periods.  We are trying to get into a routine of going to bed early and sleeping through the night.  He still likes to get up to feed but he is definitely sleeping for longer periods which is all good for his mum and dad!!

We were just driving home from a restaurant where he was crying his little lungs out and we realised he liked turns so we snaked our way through the neighbourhood with sharp turns and he loved it.  I think his future is sorted.  Racing car driver and he is growing up in the right city to make that happen!!   Lewis Hamilton watch your tail!  (Well he would probably race Indy Car or Nascar but I can’t name any of those red necks :))


She drives! August 27, 2007

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I’m pleased to say that I have finally taken up driving again!  Last Thursday I finally got the nerve to stomp my foot hard on the ground as the nurse suggested would indicate I could handle a hard stop.  So Hayden and I went to Target to celebrate.  He was pretty excited about the adventure, even though he slept most of the time until he decided he wanted to fuss enough for me to get him out of his car seat.  Not easy steering a cart and holding a newborn, I must admit!  It was nice to get out during the day, though.  Then Friday we went to Babies R Us, and he was good as gold the whole time we were in there.  Then he cried and cried on the way home.  I have found that he is not yet to the point where car rides put him to sleep, as so far he has cried his way through them more then he has slept through them.  But I guess that’s usually on the way home, and we’re usually on our way home because he’s hungry.  Case in point, today we went to Kinko’s.  I took too long, he got hungry, he started crying, I tried to console him enough to stop crying so I could finish up, he said, “No way, we’re out of here Mommy,” I finally surrendered and we left, and he cried until we got home and he was eating.  I still can’t complain though, because most of his crying is due to hunger which means we can stop it.  I know that might not last, but I am grateful for it while it does!