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Bath Time December 18, 2008

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I thought it was time to give an update on bath time with Hayden.  As mentioned before this is my time, and when I get to spend some quality time with Hayden.  I’m pretty lucky because nine times out of ten he loves bath time!  (I try to make that other one time the time when Kara does it!! haha.. just kidding…)  I normally try pretty hard to get him in a good mood and laughing on the way up the stairs.  Normally just looking at my face works, or the latest thing is I do a Doctor Evil (Austin Powers) laugh and he thinks that is as funny as people throwing shoes at George Bush!  (i.e. Very!)

He helps me run the bath, he loves putting his arm under the tap as it’s running so that keeps him out of trouble and then we grab the towel, ditch the clothes and he jumps (well kind of) into the Bath.  He now has Rubber ducks on the bottom of the bath to help him get some grip and lots and lots of toys. His favorite are these foam cars which he plays with for hours.  Well actually what happens is he picks one out of the bath, says something to me and gives it to me, i make car noises and pretend that the car is moving around the bath, and then put the car back, he then finds another foam car, says something to me, and gives me the foam car and the process starts again, and again, and again 😀  I make brilliant police car sirens…

About a week ago his permament transition to the big boy bath was complete.  He now doesn’t do the baby bath (after all that is for babies and Hayden is a little man now).  This means when he is getting his hair washed he has to lie down in the bath, this is hilarious because 1) he has so much hair it just floats all around his head and looks really funny, and 2) he lays there like someone has paralyzed him.  Doesn’t cry,, doesn’t move, just lies there like he is playing sleeping lions.  It is the only time ever that he stays still for more than one second!