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Granddad September 20, 2012

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We were lucky to have a visit from Granddad recently.  Hayden was SO excited that Granddad was coming, and I think he nearly wore the poor guy out from all of the things he wanted to do with him! We did manage to do quite a lot with him.  We ate our way through the Farmer’s Market, went to a sort of auto festival thing in our town, went to a paint-your-own pottery place (Granddad made a nice plate that had the kids’ handprints on it), as well as hitting the Children’s Museum, the zoo, the Monon Center water park, lots of dinners out
, an Indians (baseball) game, a Colts preseason game, Symphony on the Prairie…. I think we did it all – I’m tired just writing about it, imagine how poor Granddad must have felt!  Any downtime we did have was filled by Hayden dragging Granddad around the house showing him all the little things he’d been dreaming of showing him since he found out he would be coming (the basement, video games, toy trains, books, etc).  Granddad was a great sport about being pulled around in so many directions, though.  We already can’t wait for the next visit! (Although I don’t think there will be anything “new” left to do 😉 )