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Christmas January 2, 2013

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Christmas has already come and gone and we’re back to our normal schedule.  We had a wonderful

holiday together.  John and I were both able to get a nice chunk of time off.  I had a little over 2 weeks and John a little less than that.  It made it very hard to get back in the swing of things today!

We had a traditional Goodwin Christmas again this year.  Grandma’s on Christmas Eve, our house Christmas morning, Grandpaman’s on Christmas afternoon and evening.  We had lots of snow as well.  John and Hayden (mostly John) made a snowman, and John did lots of shoveling.  There was plenty of time for Legos and doll babies and puzzles and books and Wii video games, and Mommy and Daddy had time for running and rowing, reading, sewing, and watching movies.  And eating, oh the eating.

We rang in the new year with newly wedded Mike and Mandy (Mandy is my cousin).  They came down from Chicago with their dog Hadley, who actually made our dog Lucy tired (Hadley is 2 and Lucy is 6, but we never thought anything could slow Lucy down!).  We went bowling with them – the kids first time, and Hayden loved it – went out for dinner (note to self, reservations are a must on NYE, no matter that we didn’t need them last year), and played Just Dance 4.  Great time!


Christmas January 5, 2012

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What a wonderful Christmas!  Hayden was at the best age for the holiday.  He was so excited all month long about everything to do with Christmas – the lights, Santa, presents, Christmas songs, “candy train” (our advent calendar), Christmas cartoons…  It was really a blast to go through the Christmas season with a 4 year old – it made it feel magical, the way it did when I was little.

We tried to make the most of Christmas time by taking advantage of all the special events.  We went on the “Polar Express,” which was a train ride from the neighboring town of Fishers up to “the north pole” (Noblesville, one town up) to pick up Santa.  We did our annual neighborhood Cookies with Santa, and Hayden got to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas (trains, trains, and more trains, because he “really loves trains” – as the month went on we were able to convince him to ask for some other things since he already has a truckload of trains).  Meanwhile, Layla got to show that she is at the exact right age to want to have nothing to do with the big, strangely dressed man, even if he does wield candy canes.  We went to a big Christmas model train exhibit at the Eiteljorg museum in Indy which was really remarkable, and right up Hayden’s alley since it encompassed his two very favorite things – Christmas and trains.  We went to the Children’s Museum “Jolly Days” Christmas experience.  One night a couple of days before Christmas we did what I hope is becoming a tradition since we also did it last year – ordered pizza and ate it on the couch while we watched the movie Elf.  Yes, a 4 year old eating pizza on the couch, I am a wild woman!  I couldn’t bring myself to let Layla loose with pizza sauce and furniture, so she was in her high chair, but I moved it so it was aaaaaalmost in the family room.  🙂

Hayden would have a lot of fun listening to Christmas songs in the car.  He would always ask for Christmas music if it wasn’t already on.  He liked to sing jingle bells or Rudolph – my mom was babysitting for us and I got a text that she was enjoying listening to his sweet voice singing Rudolph and jingle bells over the monitor while he was supposed to be sleeping.  Even Layla started doing her own singing along to jingle bells after a while (her version of singing is mostly singing “eh eh eh” to the tune, and every once in a while throwing in a word that sounds about right).

We spent Christmas Eve with Grandma and Grandpa and Dusty and Andy and their respective families.  Christmas morning we spent at our house unwrapping presents and eating cinnamon rolls.  Hayden was really quite good with it all considering the amount of waiting for other people to open and not really being able to play with everything right away.  I remember last year it really became too much for him after a while.  Then in the afternoon after Layla’s nap we went to Grandpaman’s and did some visiting with Grandma G’s family.

The whole Christmas thing was really great.  John and I also had nearly 2 weeks off work, and it was such a joy to just spend tons of time together as a family.  It was really hard to go back to the routine this week.  But, I guess if we could do that all the time it wouldn’t feel as special.


Layla’s First Christmas January 2, 2011

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Layla’s first Christmas went by very well.  She was a little superstar for the whole time. (she is of course a superstar all the time!).  She was a little more interested in opening the presents than I thought she would be (saying that she didn’t have to do much, Hayden took care of the majority of the opening), but predictably liked eating the paper more than the presents.  She also seems really interested in Hayden’s presents.  She was discarding her presents and wiggling around to get her hands on some of his toy cars or anything else she can.

Layla of course got some very cool presents of her own too.  She got some beautiful clothes (being the first Grand daughter I think everyone loves buying her clothes as there are so many pretty little girl outfits.), lots of rattle and chew toys (sounds like what Lucy and Mimi got too!) and this very cool dragon ball pit toy.   It is a dragon that is filled up with with little balls you find in those big toy pits.  She loves hanging out in there!

She got a little tired a couple of times during the two Christmas days we had but all it ever required was a change of scenery and everything was instantly better!  She continues to be a fantastic little baby! (and the prettiest Christmas baby ever – of course :D)


Merry Mistmas! December 20, 2010

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Oft heard phrases in the Goodwin household the last few weeks:

(While looking through a toy magazine) “Will you put this on my Mistmas list?”

“What we gonna do when Mistmas be here?”

“Layla wants this for Mistmas.  Will you put this on Layla’s Mistmas list?”

“Look!  Mistmas stuff (lights)!  Do you see that?”

“Will you call Santa and tell him I said please when I asked for more juice?”

“No DON’T call Santa!  Don’t call Santa!  I want to be a good boy.”


LONG overdue! December 6, 2010

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Just like a certain “tractor” library book I never found (any guesses as to who that was checked out for?), this blog is long overdue!  My friend Faith called me out on my blog slacking yesterday – thank you, Faith, for keeping me honest!  Between work, the kids, and the biggest thing to blame the last couple of weeks – the holidays – I have not found the time to do a posting.  I feel a little swamped right now, mainly just because of the holidays.  I don’t think I should really complain about it, though, because the things that are keeping us so busy are mostly really fun things that we are fortunate to be able to do.  For instance, this weekend was our neighborhood’s Cookies With Santa, where Hayden (and Layla) got to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what he wanted for Christmas (plus did I mention there were cookies?).  After that we went to Chuck E Cheese (don’t think they have those in the UK – it’s a pizza place with tons of arcade-style games for young kids) to celebrate Hayden FINALLY doing his number 2’s in the potty.  Chuck E Cheese was the first incentive that really seemed to spark his interest in this particular area, so I’m hoping we have turned a corner now – he’s done it three times in a row now as of this morning.  I know I am truly in Mommyland when I find this so elating, so please forgive me.  Then yesterday we went to the Colts game.  And between all this fun stuff every moment is stuffed with something – getting Christmas cards designed, printed (I had to go to three different places before I could get them right – can you believe it!), buying envelopes and stamps, stuffing, stamping, etc, buying presents, wrapping presents… ok I’m starting to get ahead of myself because I haven’t gotten that far yet, but it’s on my radar!  The trouble with the wrapping is that Hayden doesn’t nap anymore, so the only chance I have to wrap his presents is after he’s asleep, and after a long day of work or running around with a 3 year old and a 6 month old I haven’t yet mustered up the energy to tackle that.  But it will happen – it’s crazy busy for everyone this time of year and we all find time to get everything done (or at least all the must-dos – I’m starting to realize some things just won’t get done, like taking Hayden to see Polar Express which I was hoping we could do this year).  We still have to come Christmas parties and events, a Chris Isaacs’ concert, a Christmas symphony, and what’s that, Work?  You want me to work the Sat before Christmas?  Oh goodness, it would simply be my pleasure!  😉

Does this even count as a blog post?  Let me start another one and see if I can stay on topic.  The kids, right!  The kids.


Open Presents.. February 21, 2010

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Little late for the Christmas blog I know but better late than never – right?   I’ll keep it short.

Hayden definitely started to get the hang of Christmas this year and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of presents, even if wanted to open everybody elses!   As soon as he saw a present as far as he was concerns it was fair game to whoever could rip the paper off first.  I don’t think Kara or I got to open a single present as Hayden took care of that for us!  “Open presents?” was a very popular phrase that week!!

One of the magic moments was when he was opening his presents.  He was working through his toys and getting excited, and he came across some clothes, he just threw down the box/clothes and grabbed the next present!   Just like his daddy!!!


Santa Claus December 20, 2009

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I’m having to get used to using that term having grown up with Father Christmas… but I have to admit it’s easier for Hayden to say and understand.  Last year when Hayden met Santa Claus it was quite an event (to be fair to Santa he had the same reaction to the Easter bunny!)  Can’t resist showing the picture again:

This year was very different.  We had “Cookies With Santa” within our neighbourhood at the local primary school.   When Santa turned up Hayden was really excited and rounnign around in circles. Then like a really good boy he lined up behind the other kids and waited his turn to sit on Santa.  Once up there he sat up on Santa’s knee and even told him what he wanted!  (an Orange race car apparently!!)  I was really impressed because often he just goes quite in situations like this.  He even managed a Dr Evil impression for the picture!!

When Santa was leaving Hayden was in the perfect place in the room and got an extra high five from Santa.  He face lit up like a proverbial Christmas tree!  It was very sweet!