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No Mummy’s Car May 24, 2012

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There is something about the kids and my car.  Kara will tell you it’s because it is what she sees as a complete mess of stuff on the floor in the back, where the kids see it as a treasure chest of cool toys and stuff.   I think for Layla is actually happened because we changed her seat to face forwards in my car first and she loved it and from then on she seemed to voice a preference for it.  I can’t remember why Hayden liked it but whenever we are going anywhere they will want to go in “daddy’s car” (or “dada car” for Layla).   Recently Layla has been very certain about this, just the slightest hint that we are going somewhere and she will belt out “no mummy’s car, dada’s car, NO MUMMY’S CAR” and so on.   She is a girl who knows what she wants and she will certainly tell you about it too!

Mummy’s out of town April 9, 2012

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It was about three years ago it seems the last time Kara left town and left me for the weekend with the kiddos. Well back then there was just one – now of course there is two – I thought (and considering I’ve sucked on blogging of late) it might be fun to keep track of the little munchkins.

I had to work on Friday so I had to unfortunately drop them at preschool for most of the day. That was fun for me a little though as Kara always does that. So they seemed to enjoy the change and Layla was a real sweetie when I took her in and she gave me a big kiss after i put her down. Hayden seems to like going to his class these days which is good – he had a period back there when he didn’t like it. He was excited also about me dropping him off but was also ready to go play.

When I got to pick them up it was nice to hear such nice reports from the teachers. Hayden had a new teacher there that didn’t know him very well and was so complementary about him and how nice he was, how interested and good he was at reading his books and how nice he was to the other kids.  It was nice for someone to be able to see this so instantly.

We planned to go to a new place for dinner but the wait was over an hour. Hayden wanted to wait but there was no way in the world I was going to do that – so he had to put up with some tears while i convinced him to go somewhere else -it ended up being BW3s where to two of them demolished the Mac and cheese and then started to eat my chicken wings. With Kara being a veggie bw3s is not a common location but they seemed to like it.   Layla stayed in her chair the whole time (something that had been difficult recently) and Hayden was just overwhelmed by the TVs!   Once Layla had stolen all my wings i kept catching her trying to chew up my celery!  Its funny what they eat when its not on their plate.

All day she has been wanting her ‘glassie’ (her sunglasses).  As we were getting ready to leave dinner she wanted her sunglasses on while inside.  So I obliged and she was very funny and she got lots of laughs as she strutted out with her sunglasses and snow hat combo!   We got ice cream and then to bed!

The kids were cute when they woke up on Saturday. Layla wanted to play on her Rocking Lion. The lion makes a lion type roar and every time she gets on it she makes the noise “raaarrrr raaarrrr” herself.  It’s very cute of course.  She knows to press its ear makes the noise but she struggles with it.  Hayden came in, saw her on the lion and immediately got on the rocking horse next to her.  Then he realized what she was trying to do and like the nice big brother he is, he took her hand and tried to show her how make the lion roar.  It was very sweet on his behalf.

Saturday was spent at the children’s museum.  Kids did a great job there.  They play so nice around other kids and also made it pretty easy for me as Hayden didn’t run too far away from me.  They had a new Lego exhibit which Hayden loved building some cars and boats and Layla just enjoy climbing on everything.

We left around 2sih knowing that Layla was fall asleep in the car. In fact she was asleep before we left the car park! She’s a pretty predictable sleeper!  She does great with her naps and also so good at going to sleep.  We are so lucky with our kids on that front.

Rest of the day we messed round playing and then headed out for dinner again just to keep them entertained. This time is was Puccini’s and they did a solid job of eating and behaving.  When I was getting her ready for bed, as I took off her sock she was waving her foot around and saying piggy piggy – she basically wanted me to do ‘this little piggy went to market, etc’! The weird thing is she can’t really handle it. I get to like the second toe and she is rolling over in what looks like agony! Then she laughs and presents me with her other foot!

Then of course she run off – shouted “ni ni Haddy” at the top of her lungs and went straight to bed like the brilliant little sleeper she is!

Sunday was a beautiful day. Which meant we cold burn off some energy outside! I had told Hayden that we would take them to the park. We want to one of bigger parks in Fishers as I knew they hadn’t been there in a while and I really wanted to see how Layla got on, and also how Hayden did now he is more adventurous.  As we arrived he said to me “Oh yeah! I have been thinking about this park everyday”. So sweet! They played really hard, ,especially Layla who just has no fear and goes on everything.

Before the park we had headed to breakfast at Einsteins. On the way there I was changing the radio as it was some Bruno Mars song that I didn’t care for – Hayden does not like me changing the radio mid song “I like that song” he will declare in a grumpy accent. Which basically means put it back on or I will be complaining for the rest of the trip. Well I had changed it to a Lisa Leob song, a bit of retro indulgence. Well Hayden put me in my place “this a girl song!”.  So what choice did I have but to change it back.

Something else important about Sunday was that it was daylights savings! The clocks sprung forward. I had no intentions of accepting it and presumed the kids would sleep to normal time which would just be an hour later than normal for them and we would deal with the clocks on Sunday morning. Well…. Hayden’s clock just happens to adjust itself automatically. He got up at 7 like normal it’s just it was 6am to my body clock! So I had to try explain to a four year at 6am about daylight savings time. That didn’t go too well so basically we just got early!

We were talking to nanny on the video later on Sunday and I had to run off and check on Layla, I come back in the room and Hayden is standing on the chair with his pants down mooning nanny on the web cam! OMG! Of course nanny was laughing and he was thinking he was the funniest boy in the world!

During the weekend anytime we were doing something cool I would try to take a picture to send to Kara. Hayden caught on to this but didn’t quite understand the types of pictures she wants. He was out into garden and Layla was sleeping and he needed to go potty so I told him to just against the fence to avoid waking her. He then asked “daddy can you take a picture of me whizzing and send it to mum!”. What do you do with him!

We were all very glad that mummy got home liked planned on Sunday night. I think Layla was the most grateful so her hair could be rescued. She had three bad hair days – I think it’s impossible for a man to do a little girls hair. It didn’t matter how many hair clips I used!


Who is daddy? December 2, 2011

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Layla thinks she is daddy! If I ask her where is daddy she take her hand and point to herself! I think this all came about because a couple of months or so ago I was trying to get her to say “dada”. I would say it and point to myself. Pretty quickly she learn to say “dada” ( now I like to claim its one of her favorite words) but just started point to herself and now I can’t see to reverse it. If I ask her where Layla is she will just cover her eyes ( think peek-a-boo) and then remove her hands and giggle. Again this is my fault – when I am changing her I will often kid around with her about where’s Layla and started by covering my eyes, now of course she copies and again it’s stuck! She is a little cutie copy cat.


Dear Hayden – My Three Year Old August 4, 2010

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Dear Hayden,

You have just turned three, despite you telling me in the weeks leading up to your birthday that you are going to turn five.  I think in the last few days we have decided to agree on the fact you were two and now you’ll be three.  You have of course been asking what will you turn after you are three.   I’ve just tried to change the subject so you don’t get too confused!  Otherwise you’ll expect a birthday and presents every week!!

You are the most amazing little boy, and I cherish every moment I get to spend with you.  I look forward so much to the weekends (or “it’s not a daddy work day”) when I get to play with you. I feel like we do a lot at weekend, and I feel that you always want to be doing things with me.   You always want to know exactly what we are doing.  In the morning you’ll ask where we going, and then “what we doing after” that, and “what we doing after”… etc.  Typically you wait for us to tell you, but just this Sunday morning, you made up your own mind and asked to go on a “Bike ride with daddy”.  Of course we did, because I’m a sucker and will do whatever you want!!!   And the bike ride was great!!  In fact I took you past the local golf course and pointed it out to you, as I like to make sure you see all the important things on our rides.  You then told me; “I want to play golf with you daddy when I’m older!!” – Music to my ears.  At the end of the ride you turned and told me that you “want to go to the golf show, colts game and a baseball game!”

I feel right now you really enjoy spending time with me, I feel you really look up to me, and I feel that you really love me.  I hope those things never ever change.  I asked tonight who you loved and you immediately said Daddy.  I did ask who else you love and you told me Mummy and Layla – so I know it’s not isolated to me, you know you have a fantastic mummy too, and a beautiful little sister that you are doing so well adapting to.

You are such a boy!  You love anything on wheels and anything involving a ball.  I think you take after me in some of that, but you get your good cute looks from your mummy.  You have a ridiculous amount of toy cars for a three year old, you are so good, and you always seem to do what we tell you, that we can’t help giving you rewards for your good behavior.  Also we just love your reaction to getting something.  You are so grateful, you always say thank you, and then you play with your latest toy for hours and always want to take it upstairs to be with your.  Somehow you are only three but you’ve been two about 6/7 baseball games, 2 Pacers games, 4 Colts games, the Speedway 3/4 times, etc.   I’ve never shied away from exposing you to these things and every time you react so positively and well behaved that we have been able to take to more things like this than many people experience in their lifetime.

You are a great sleeper and a great eater.  Green beans and broccoli might be a push, but you eat veggie burgers (lucy burgers!) and hummus which keeps your mum happy, and you love chicken nuggets and steak, which keeps me happy.  You love fruit and home grown tomatoes which keeps everyone happy!

You have a fabulous sense of humor.  You might be a little guy, but you already know how to be funny.  Occasionally we’ll read a book and you’ll know exactly what the different pictures are, but you’ll make up something else just to get a reaction of us (e.g. it’ll be a Turtle and you’ll tell me it’s a Giraffe!!)

You are tough.  If you fall over, or knock something, you don’t really care.  If you cry we know you’ve actually hurt yourself.  Even if you hurt yourself you just ask us to kiss where it hurts, and then everything is OK.    That works fine except for when you hurt you bottom!!

I could write for hours on how special you are, and how much you mean to me, but I think you get the idea.

Happy Birthday Hayden!

Love Daddy


Dad!!! May 31, 2010

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Of late Hayden’s made this shift from calling me Daddy to dad..  The fact it’s only one syllable rather than two really changes the way it sounds.  It sounds really direct so it’s funny hearing him shout Dad at me.  I feel like I’m being told off!!!!

It could be worse for me as from time to time he calls his Mom “Kara!”  He did call me “John” once but I tried to ignore him so he didn’t do it again 😀


I love you! January 9, 2010

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I’m going to sound soft, but I have to tell this story because it was so sweet.  It was bed time, and as usual we were singing songs.  Hayden’s lying in his bed surrounded by all his blankets and toys and I was kneed down right next to him with my face only a few inches from his singing wheels on the bus etc.   Got through wheels on the bus, mommies on the bus and then it’s daddy’s on the bus (say i love you..).  While I sang this to him I touched him on the nose which each i love you, on like the third i love you, he reached out his hand around the back of my head and pulled me towards him and gave me a kiss!!  It was so funny, but funny cute.  Made up for some of the screaming and shouting earlier in the day and the usual “NO DADDY NO”!!


Dripping.. August 4, 2009

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Recently Hayden is getting in a habit of overfilling his diapers!  A few weeks back we were at Joe’s Crab Shack and he was just starting to get fussy at the end of the meal.  While Kara paid up I took him out of his chair and outside so he could look at the boats and the water.  He felt a little on the heavy side as I picked him up but I was just concentrating on getting him outside so he didn’t start to go crazy in the restaurant.  As we got outside I suddenly felt that warm feeling against me that  you just can’t mistake!    I pulled Hayden away from me and suddenly realizing he was dripping like a tap and his entire trousers were cover top to bottom in pee!!  Poor little guy was just bursting out of his diaper.  We didn’t have a change of clothes for his so he had to walk around in his diaper until we were ready to go – which made me laugh (which considering I was covered in pee was pretty good of me!!)

A couple of weekends back  on the boat I was standing next to Hayden and then that warm feeling came around again…..this time the warm liquid started to roll down his legs on to my feet!  It was a cold weekend so things could have been worse I guess!!   Larry’s boat might have a funny stain on the carpet for a couple of weeks though!

Things come in threes right…. so while my dad was here we went to the Monon Center swimming.  Hayden and I were enjoying a nice tour around the lazy river when I got that feeling again!!!    I notice there weren’t many boats around us at the time – probably because we were leaving a yellow trail behind us!!!  Thanks Hayden!!

So just to show it’s not totally personal last week while we were at the Fisher’s Summer Concert Hayden was sat on Grandma G’s lap listening to the music and hanging out when she got to experience that warm feeling!!!  At least she is now fully initiated as a Grandma!!