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Times are A Changin’ February 14, 2013

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Well there are a lot of changes happening around here.  Layla moved into a big girl bed a couple of weeks ago.  It’s been fun picking out her sheets.  I thought she would want princess or something, so she surprised me when we shopped for them and there were lots of princess or fairy options and she went for “birdies and owls.”  Very cute choice, but I was surprised!  Then we looked for another set (for when those are dirty), and she chose ladybugs over butterflies.  She’s a mystery!  Glad I took her along or I would have made all the wrong choices.

Both of them are liking their new school.  Hayden got to go on a field trip!  His first one ever.  He got to take the bus, even.  They went to the library.  He was so excited, and the timing couldn’t have been better as he was a little down that day because he doesn’t normally go to school on a Tuesday, but he had to that day because I’d switched my working day from Monday to Tuesday so we could go to Great Wolf Lodge.  He’d had so much fun at GWL that he was sad when we came home, and then even sadder to have a school day on a day he normally doesn’t.  So when we found out he was going to get to go on a field trip it was just the perk up he could use.

We are also about to adjust to me going from part time to full time.  I have gotten a new position which I am really excited about.  I’ve been in IT for 13 years, doing support and implementations, and I am moving over to a sales role.  I will be with the same company, but doing something completely different.  I can’t wait to start!  The downside of course is I am going from a 3-day per week schedule to full time.  However, I have been reassured (continuously, along my many interviews) that the schedule is flexible so currently I am only planning to bump them up to one extra day in day care, and keep Fridays free.  Hopefully I will be able to sustain that.  John and I had talked before about putting Hayden in day care 4 days/week this year anyway, to try to get him prepared for 5 days weeks when he starts elementary school.  We decided not to do that in the end, but this will facilitate that anyway even though it wasn’t the intention.  That job I HOPE is going to start Mar 1, although no one can seem to agree on a date between my current and future management.


Time for a Change December 13, 2012

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We’ve gone to the same day care since Hayden was less than three months old.  We’ve had our ups and downs there – as you do with anything you stick with for 5+ years.  Hayden in particular has had a few periods of time where he REALLY doesn’t want to go, and we’ve had to work with his teachers and sometimes the director to sort through the issues he’s had.  Then he’s gotten back on track and we’ve coasted until we hit the next bump.  I’ve felt that it is only fair to let them know whatever issues we are having and give them a chance to address them before we leave.

Lately he’s been having a tough time again.  He is a gentle boy, and the boys in his class are pretty aggressive.  He says every day that the boys are mean in his class.  I’ve tried suggesting that maybe they are just playing, and pointed out how our dogs look like they are fighting when they play, but we know that even if it looks like they are trying to bite each other we know they are just screwing around.  Even when viewing it through that lens, he still keeps coming back to them being mean, and I feel that he is old enough and sensible enough to know if something feels like play versus aggression.

So, we’ve decided to try a new preschool.  I’ve toured this school before, in previous times of trouble with their current school.  I’ve always been impressed but our issues have always been worked through at the other school so I’ve never ended up taking the plunge and transferring.  Hayden is really excited about going to the new school.  There is one boy in particular who he doesn’t like in his current class, and he asked John if we could make sure he doesn’t switch schools, too, so he doesn’t have to deal with him in his new class.

They’ll start at the beginning of next year.  I’ll be off work for almost 2 weeks at the end of the year, so they only have one more day at their current school.  Hayden was sweet yesterday.  He said he wanted to get Carter – one of his classmates – a Christmas present.  I asked if he was going to miss Carter when he switches schools, and he said yes that was why he wanted to get him a present, because “I’m Carter’s best friend.”  I was glad to hear that he feels like he has a friend there right now.  That was another thing that has been bothering me about how things are going there right now – not only does he think the boys are “mean,” he doesn’t really seem to have any friends.  He was always excited to play with Oliver last year, but he’s now in Kindergarten at the public school.  When we first started back after the summer he was talking about Carter a lot and they seemed to be good friends, but when all this physicality started he was even saying Carter’s name when we were asking who was being “mean.”

So, here’s to change!  Let’s hope it’s a good one!


Fall Schedule August 15, 2012

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So the kids weren’t going to day care over the summer; they stayed home with a baby sitter on the days I worked.  That went well and really flew by.  Somehow, school for the older kids started today, and Hayden and Layla went back to day care this week!  Hayden was actually really excited to go to day care, which is not always like him.  He gets to be in the “kindergarten” room.  He’ll do the kindergarten program there for the 3 days/week he’s there, then when he starts public school next year he’ll do “full time” kindergarten.  Hayden’s best friend at day care started public school kindergarten, so I know Hayden will be missing him, although Oliver will be doing after school care there so they will get an hour or two to play together a couple of days per week.

Layla was not happy when she started on Monday.  She has a new teacher, and all the kids in the class seemed to be new.  It was hard dropping her off Monday and today.  She was clutching me so hard and screaming – it was really all I could do not to cry with her but that was the last thing she needed to see.  When I picked her up on Monday though she had had a great day and didn’t seem to be in too big of a rush to go home, really.  Her teacher said she’d eaten loads (2 meals in fact – someone didn’t show up so they had an extra and she worked her way through it!), slept well, played, and gotten lots of hugs from teachers who passed by the room and came in to welcome her back.


Summer July 5, 2012

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Wow, it has been such a hot summer!  We have been down to Lake Monroe at Grandpaman and Grandma G’s for the 4th of July.  It was so hot that even a chicken like me who takes 20 minutes to immerse herself in the water jumped straight in, and again today when we were at the pool I didn’t hesitate on the steps which is even more indicative of  the heat than a thermometer.  Highs have been over 100 for several days with very little rain.  We even left the pool a little earlier than we might have otherwise because it was so hot and the pool water so mild that John wasn’t even feeling refreshed while in the water.

We have tried something new with our childcare situation this summer.  Normally the kids go to a day care center on the 3 days per week which I work.  This summer though while the schools are out we have hired our neighbor who is about to be a senior in high school to watch them at home while I work.  It has been really great!  She can drive, so she has taken Hayden to the little camps I’ve signed him up for and taken them to the library and things like that.  They like her a lot, and they seem to like being home.  I was a little worried that Layla would seek me out throughout the day and make it hard to work, but she is good about understanding that when Natalie is here that is who she goes to.  When our paths cross she does like to tell me hi and often wants me to pick her up, but that is one of the perks of having them home with me!  It’s nice to get little cuddles during the day.

Of course, Hayden sometimes seems to get a little bored being home – that’s the trade off.  He’s home so much that he runs out of things to play with (how that could ever be possible with the amount of toys in our house I will never know).  Although, saying that he really hasn’t been home that much during the summer apart from when I’m working.  When it’s not a work day we are always off somewhere.



My Eyes! November 15, 2011

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Winter is closing in on us, which means it’s dark when the kids wake up, and it’s dark when they go to sleep. So when I go get Layla in the morning, she has the shock of going from pitch black (as she is always the first one up and there are no lights on in the house yet) to bright light as I turn on the lights. So to try to take away the shock I will get her from her crib before I turn on the light, and then cover her eyes before I turn them on. So over the last few weeks she started covering her own eyes when I would get to the switch, or if she still wasn’t fully adjusted to the light after I uncovered her eyes, she would cover them back up herself. It is very cute.

Speaking of light switches, she was pretty grumpy when I brought her home from day care today (combination of tired, hungry, and teething I presume), but when I took her over to the light switch and let her turn on and off the light she would laugh out loud. Very cute. However, it did create a little light switch monster, and once Mommy was all done with the light switch game she went right back to the mood she had been in. Oh well, it was nice to have 3 minutes of peace at least. 🙂


Sleeping and New Schedule March 23, 2011

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So Layla has a couple of new things going on.  First, I finally scrapped the “dream feed,” where I would go feed her before I went to sleep.  I would also change her diaper at that time, with the hopes that she wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night due to a leak or hunger.  I bought her some overnight diapers so she could go longer between changes at night and gave not feeding her a go.  It worked instantly!  She woke up at the same time in the morning and didn’t wake up in the middle of the night.  I even wonder if she is sleeping a little bit better as a result of not being woken up after 3-4 hours of sleep, because every once in a while before she would wake up for a little bit in the middle of the night, and she’s not done that at all since I dropped the dream feed a week ago.

The other thing that has changed with her is she is going to day care a couple of days a week.  We tried putting her in for a couple of full days, and since she isn’t taking a bottle that didn’t go very well since she was adjusting to a new place, new people, not getting her milk, and couldn’t seem to settle for her naps.  So she is now going 2 days per week for about 3 hours.  Since the day care center is so close, I am able to take her in after her morning nap and pick her up before her afternoon nap, and she doesn’t need any milk during that time.  She still had a bit of trouble adjusting in the beginning, but every time I pick her up now it sounds as though she is doing better and better.  I’m so glad I’m able to ease her into this, because I know soon enough she is going to have to go the whole day and I really think this “trial time” we’ve concocted will make that transition easier (for both of us, really).


Weirdo Week – Water World March 3, 2011

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This has just been a crazy, water-filled week!  The water theme started with Hayden and Layla taking their first bath together on Sunday – that was just too cute.  Hayden was good about sharing bath toys with Layla and was really excited that the time is finally starting that they get to do things together that are verging on playing like that.

Overnight on Sunday we had a huge storm.  Hayden even woke up crying because of the lightning, and I can’t remember him ever doing that before.  He was fine once I went in there and talked to him about it, though.  We didn’t hear from him again, even though the thunder got much worse afterwards.

John got a rowing machine for Christmas, and most weekdays he starts his day by doing some rowing.  Monday morning he got up to go row in the basement, and as he stepped down the stairs in his sleepy state it took him a moment to realize he was standing in (very cold!) water that had worked its way into our basement.  What a way to start an early Monday morning!  We called insurance to make a claim, called the water restoration company, and called the plumber.  The plumber came after about 1 1/2 hours and we found that the sump pump AND the backup sump pump had to be replaced.  Once those were fixed the water quickly started draining away, but we still had to have the restoration people come even though we just have ceramic tile in the basement (luckily not carpet) to dry out the insulation in the walls so mold won’t grow.  That process involves them removing baseboards and drilling into the wall to get to the insulation, and then industrial fans going for 3 days. Thank goodness John happened to go to the basement when he did, otherwise we sometimes go days without going down there so who knows how long we might have had water down there and not realized!

Sunday I had noticed a little leak in our kitchen faucet, so while the plumber was working on the sump pump I asked him if he could take a look at the faucet.  While inspecting it, he moved the faucet neck around a bit and he must have knocked something loose because what had been a little leak became a big spray anytime that faucet is used.  I had to go pick out a new faucet last night so he can come install it sometime today.

I’ve also had some non-water related non-typical things happen this week.  The team leader on my account at work is being rolled off, so that made for a bit of drama yesterday and is a fairly big change in my world.  I found that out and then about 2 hours later went to pick up Hayden where I found out 2 teachers there had been let go due to some “incident,” which I haven’t been able to find out what that was even though I’ve (subtly) asked three people.  They were both people I would never expect to be involved in something that would get them fired!  And then another big thing this week was Layla went to day care 2 days this week.  I typically keep her home with me while I work (she sleeps about 1/2 the time and when she’s awake I sit on the floor next to her with my laptop while she plays – she’s not crawling or walking yet so she doesn’t need to be chased!) but this week I had 2 days of client meetings and I thought it would be better if she wasn’t home for those.  I’ve missed her while she’s been gone.  She had a hard time Monday.  I knew she wouldn’t drink much because she has never taken a bottle well, and that held true.  She also didn’t sleep much; I guess she got about 30 – 40 minutes all day.  I feel like it took her until when she woke up this morning to really recover from the missed sleep – of course, just in time for her to go back in today and mess up her sleep again!  She’ll be back home with me again next week.  I know she’ll need to go to day care regularly at some point, but I’m glad I have a little more time left with her before then!