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Hayden do it October 1, 2009

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Keeping up with the expectations of what a two year old is supposed to do, Hayden is becoming an independent little guy.  One thing we hear often in this house is “Hayden do it.”  If you start to do something he wants to do, he will get fiesty and say “Hayden do it!”  He says it if you start to feed him and he wants to do it himself, if you start to sing something and he wants to sing it by himself, if you try to read to him but he wants to read, pretty much any scenario you can imagine.  Alternatively, there is “Mommy do it” or “Daddy do it,” which is used when Hayden is feeding himself and he has decided he’s done doing that, and so on.  The boy knows what he wants, there’s no doubt about that!  Because of this, I now try to make a point of letting him make some decisions throughout the day.  In the morning I hold up three choices of shirts and he chooses which one he wants to wear (this has magically resolved a problem we were sometimes having where he did not want to take off his pajamas), he chooses his plate at meal time, he usually chooses if we go in Mommy or Daddy’s car, etc.  He loves making decisions!