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I love Nanny Mad!! March 16, 2008

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Nanny Mad and Great Auntie Deirdre have been here for about a week and a half now!  I love having them here soooo much!  They play with me all day, and they watch me while Mommy and Daddy are at work so I get to stay home instead of having to go away to day care.  I like day care and everything, but you can’t beat being home!  They take me and Lucy on long walks while it’s nice out and I get to be in the fresh air and look at everything that we pass by like trees and houses and cars.  We have done a lot of shopping since they have been here, and they like to buy me fun things.  Today we went to the toy store and I got some presents for my birthday, even though it’s not for another few months! 🙂  How great is that!  Soon we get to go to Florida and I will see my Auntie Michelle, plus my girlfriend Avery (one of them anyway – don’t think I’ve forgotten about you Bella and Claire, wink wink) is going to come to Sea World with us and I will get to meet my buddy Jaden when he and his mommy Steph also come to Sea World.  It’s going to be the greatest trip!  I’ve had to get some warm weather outfits for the trip and for when the weather gets warm enough in Indy.  I am growing so fast that Mommy has even gotten some 18 month clothes because she didn’t think I would stay in the 12 month clothes long enough to make them worthwhile.


Hayden is growing up September 26, 2007

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Last night Hayden only woke up twice for feedings and went about four hours from the start of one feeding to the start of the next.  This was like a holiday for me, because the most he has done before was three hours from the start of one to the start of the other, and depending on the length of the feedings that leaves about one to one and a half hours of sleep at a time.  I hope this is the start of more restful nights for both of us!

As John mentioned, Nanny Mad left yesterday.  We were all very sad to see her go.  It was a really good visit.  There were a few incidents that were quite funny — the funniest one being when Hayden had a diaper blow-out that went up his back, out his diaper, and onto Nanny Mad’s white trousers!  It took a couple of moments for us to realize it had gone on her.  We all heard a big noise, then she was saying how warm his bottom was, then I saw the spillage.  No wonder her lap was so warm!  We laughed about that one for a long time.  It’s a good thing she has such a good sense of humor!

Rich and Anita were also in town last week for work, so we got to spend some time with them.  In fact, Anita took Thursday off to spend the day with us which was really nice.  It was so great to see them, and we’re really glad they got to meet Hayden.  Rich even got to feed Hayden!

Other notable events of late: Jude caught a baby mole and Lucy caught a squirrel.  Madeline and Deirdre were really sad about the squirrel, but John and I didn’t really feel sorry for it.  The squirrels around here completely taunt the pets.  Seriously, they ask for it.  Trust me, I’m a vegetarian.  I wouldn’t take the side of the hunter, except for the fact that I have spent many hours over the course of our beautiful and dry summer watching the squirrels interact with the dogs (including Macy) and cats.  The squirrels beg of them: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!


Nanny Mad Is Gone September 25, 2007

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There are a few funnies we need to fill you in on, I know Kara will do a good job of that, but today my mum and Deirdre left to head back.  It’s going to be very weird with them gone, I kind of took it for granted having my mum around.  I was just so glad she got to meet Hayden and spend some time with him.  She loves him very much!!!

Everytime he cried my mum would attribute it to him having a little bit of wind.  Kara and I found this rather amusing after a few days.  We even have our own catchphrase based of the Ricky Gervais one in Extras, “he got’s a little bit of wind, a little bit of wind”.  Well we think it’s funny :).

He’s going to miss his Nanny Mad.


It’s Been A While September 23, 2007

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It’s been busy with my mum and Aunt D in town so I haven’t had chance to write here recently.  Lots has been happening.  He is starting to kick his legs out, hopefully the start of his successful football  career.  Everton could currently do with his help to take penalties!!

He’s been a little fussy recently, in fact we left the troublesome duo with Hayden while me and Kara went out for Dinner and he screamed his little lungs out for 30 minutes!  Wouldn’t take a bottle, wouldn’t take his dummy, not interested in his swing or his mobiles.  In fact if he doesn’t want food and he’s fussy I have no idea what to do with him!  That’s my only trick!!  Eventually they managed to calm him somehow without having to call on supermum Kara to rescue.

I must admit I’m not too sure about babies.  I really like it when he’s sleeping and I get to watch football with him lying on me.  I like it when he’s smiling at me.  But the rest of the time when he’s crying and just not doing anything I think I fit into that normal guy bracket – I can’t wait for him to get older and start talking, and running around, and causing trouble!! 🙂  I bet I regret that comment in about 12 months!!


Nanny Mad and Great Auntie Deirdre September 13, 2007

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My Nanny Mad and Great Auntie Deirdre are finally here!  I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet them.  They are so much fun and brought me lots of presents over from England.  Mommy and Daddy said Nanny Mad and Auntie Deirdre had to travel thousands of miles to see me.  That’s pretty nice of them!

I’ve told you before that Lucy and I like to be in cahoots together.  Well, on Nanny Mad’s first full day visiting me, Lucy and I decided to have a bit of fun with her.  I was upstairs with Mommy taking a nap, when Nanny Mad walked in and asked how she might be able to get her shoe back from Lucy.  Mommy asked if she was inside or outside, and she said she was outside.  Mommy said she was afraid Nanny Mad might need to start saying her goodbyes to her shoe, because when Lucy is outside and has something she shouldn’t trying to get it back off her becomes the funnest game in the world as far as Lucy is concerned.  We went outside anyway to see what we could do.  Mommy managed to finally get the shoe by tempting Lucy with her very favorite and most forbidden thing of all – a rawhide chew.  Lucy became distracted enough to leave the shoe to come beg for the rawhide (but as she only left the shoe and didn’t really exchange it fairly for the chew, she didn’t get the chew in the end).  As expected, the shoe was demolished.  There were only remnants of what had been, and between the bits of leather and strands of thread – as well as a bit of imagination – it was just possible to imagine what the shoe looked like in its glory days (i.e. that same day but 1/2 hour earlier).

So while Mommy was busy with Lucy Nanny Mad was holding me.  We were having a great old time snuggling – she sitting on the deck and me being held up by her shoulder.  Then I gave Lucy a quick wink to let her know the plan was in action, and I spit up all down the back of Nanny Mad.  She felt it sliding down her back about the same time Mommy was showing her what was left of her shoe.  Oh, it was hilarious!  Lucy and I are planning our next double-team attack.  Don’t tell! 🙂