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Minnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiieeeeeee!! November 14, 2012

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Lately when Layla is upset and crying, she will call out for Minnie.  She’ll get in trouble, for instance, and start crying, “Miiiiiinnnnnnnnniiiiiiiieeeeeee.”  She’ll also call out for “Baby” if that was what she was playing with last.  She did that this morning when she was upset from hurting her finger: “Baaaaaabbbbbbyyyyyy.”  It’s pretty cute, and nice that she has things that give her comfort.  It also makes for good bargaining chips.  The other day she was being rotten and wouldn’t say she was sorry for trying to bite me while I got her dressed (something that, fortunately, has not reared it’s ugly head much recently but we have had to deal with in the past).  I put her in her crib to give her time to calm down, but she still wouldn’t say she was sorry.  Finally I told her I would take all her bed toys away if she didn’t say sorry, and she still wouldn’t so up onto a high shelf in her closet they all went.  She was really upset about that (she sleeps with approximately a million dolls, stuffed animals, various pillows, 2 quilts….), but since then I have been able to get her to pay attention by telling her I will take them away again if she doesn’t [fill in the blank].  She did eventually say she was sorry that morning, by the way, but is was the quietest sorry I ever (barely) heard.