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Recent developments March 3, 2011

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I’m telling you, these kids are just changing too darn fast!  It seemed like Layla had a developmental burst in just a couple of days.  Sunday John gave her a cracker and she just gobbled that thing right up (feeding herself).  She had really only been eating baby food that we spoon-fed to her up to that point.  She also started waving last weekend, which is just about the cutest thing ever.  I’ve tried to get it on video, but she gets distracted when she seems me filming her.  It looks like she’s trying to use her fingers to get something off of her thumb, but it’s definitely a wave because she does it in response to us saying “hi!” and waving to her.  She also can stand now if she is holding onto something like the ottoman.  She doesn’t really LIKE it, but she can do it. 🙂

And Hayden is change as always, too.  Yesterday I was thinking how far he’s come because when he was a toddler he would cry when I would trim his fingernails.  I remember John sitting next to us feeding him little bites of dried apricot as a distraction while I trimmed his nails, to try to keep him from being too upset.  Then we got into a routine where he could watch Dora the Explorer while he got his nails trimmed, and that was a good incentive for him so he got to the point where he didn’t cry anymore because he was watching Dora.  Recently he’s fine just having his nails cut while there are no distractions.  But I was pretty gobsmacked yesterday when I mentioned that he needed to have his nails cut and he then proceeded to ask me no less than three times over the next hour if I could cut his nails.  THEN, when I finally got a chance to sit down and cut them, he – wait for it – asked me if I could also trim his toenails.  I mean, really.  This boy’s going to go off to college the next time I blink!


Dora, Dora, Dora the explorer July 8, 2009

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Hayden has inherited many books from the neighbors down the street, and several of these books are Dora the Explorer books.  He has always been interested in them, and so we looked around and found the show on tv.  We’ve recorded a bunch of them so we can have them on hand whenever they are needed, like when his nails need to be trimmed or sunscreen needs to be applied (these two things really get him into terrible two toddler mode).  He LOVES Dora.  He’ll watch it and when she comes on he says Dora! about a hundred times.  Then her monkey friend Boots comes on and it’s Boots! a hundred time.  Then Map comes on, and it’s Map! Map! Map!… He loves it.  Dora uses some Spanish words throughout her show, and he repeat these (with some encouragement from Mommy and Daddy) which is quite cute.