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Milt September 5, 2012

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Suddenly Layla is very interested in milk (“milt,” she says – Hayden used to say “moot”). She’ll tell me she’s “thirsty, Mommy!” I’ll ask her what she wants and she’ll say something like, “Juice, no, milt actually Mommy.” Then she HAS to pick out her sippy cup (“I pick cup, I pick cup!”). She has me hold her up so she’s standing on the counter (with me holding her tightly!) and she’ll evaluate the cup situation and v.e.r.y. slowly decide which one she wants. We are going through cups really quickly all of a sudden, because when she is just drinking juice or water (ok, hardly ever water unless it’s from Mommy or Daddy’s cup, but I am thrilled that both she and Hayden will on occasion want water – Hayden likes it because he can dispense the water and ice himself from the fridge – whatever works!) she can use the same cup throughout the day, but obviously that’s not an option for cups with milk in them since it spoils so quickly when it’s not cold.


I want to swim to the bar and get grape juice April 9, 2010

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Our main pool in Cancun at swim up bars at both ends.  Both fully staffed and fully stocked.  Perfect for me to get Cancun tropical, pina colada, mojito, Miami vice, or whatever else the barmen would conduct for me.  But of course this blog isn’t about me.  I wasn’t the only one that was interested in swimming to the bars…

Hayden loved the swimming pool.  He probably spent about 3 to 4 hours a day in it!   Of course his idea of swimming is daddy carrying him around, but it’s only 2 so I’ll let that ride.  He loved doing jumps off the edge, playing with the “waterfall” (where one pool overlapped into the other), and of course swimming to the bar to get grape juice!  We’d be swimming and I’d ask him what he wants to do, and give him some choices.  He nearly always chose swim to the bar and get grape juice.  He even had his favorite bars based off the barmen and the quality (and quantity) of grape juice!

The swim up bars had these giant stools that had a brown, black and Grey pattern.  Hayden quick pointed out that they looked like giant cookies and he wanted to sit on the giant cookie!    There was nothing about the bar he didn’t like!  Also gave me chance to grab a quick drink while he was sipping his grape juice!  He got to know the barmen and they would get his grape juice ready for him the minute they saw him coming!

There is just one thing to think about if you ever go swimming at the Cancun Palace – Hayden drunk a lot of grape juice and everything that goes in, I guess has to come out?


Big Boy March 3, 2008

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Hayden is of course growing up and doing new things all the time. He lies on his front, occasionally has a quick nap on his front, rolls around all on his own. In fact I went into his bedroom the other day and he managed to twist himself 90 degrees in his crib to be laying horizontal! It was very funny – he’s so tall i think he was stuck!!

He got on my shoulders the other day (well perhaps he got a helping hand!!), he loved that and grabbed my hair as a good grip. He likes to rip his mum’s necklaces off her neck. Drinking from grown up cups is also his favourite, but we are trying to keep him to his beakers (‘sippy cups’ or something for the Americans!). He loves holding his own bottle, but he needs a little more practice!

He is also trying to follow in his nerdy parents footsteps and has started developing his computer skills already.